Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ah, November 4th. What a day.

Dallin and I had to get up early to vote. We wanted to miss the lines, plus we weren't even sure if we'd have a chance to go later, so 5:30 am was pretty much our only option. Yes, that's correct - 5:30. It was early. And cold. And there was still a line...but it wasn't nearly as long as the line there was when we left at 6...yessss. We came back home and went to bed again before getting up in another hour to go to work. Thankfully, I saved my sticker so I could wear it to work, thus providing an instant topic of conversation for me and my bank customers. Unthankfully, I did not get a picture of myself wearing said sticker. So you'll just have to imagine it.

After work, Dallin and I got a generous invitation from our friend who works on the campaign for one of Arizona's congressman. He invited us to go with him to the election party the congressman was having at the Biltmore. Cool-ly enough, this was also where Senator McCain's shindig was. Of course, we didn't actually get to go into McCain's par-tay, and of course, it wasn't much of a par-tay since he lost, but hey, we were on the premises. And the congressman whose party we DID go to DID win, so yay!

I was still feeling rather sickly that night, so I wasn't on my top game as far as picture taking was concerned. Not even close, in fact. We have one usable picture from that night, and it is of me and was taken by Dallin.

Love that red coat. Possibly my most favorite article of clothing that I own. But I digress.

Anyway, as far as the elections go... results were rather bittersweet, in my mind. I do not understand Obama-mania at all. I think people just bought into his abstract ideas without really thinking about what they mean or what it's going to take to get them done. I wasn't exactly sporting a McCain-Palin bumper sticker, either, but I still think people are setting themselves up to be pretty disillusioned with Obama.

On the other hand, props 102 and 8 passed! I think 102 in AZ was a given, but 8 was a surprise, to be honest. It just breaks my heart to see the reaction of those people that opposed it. My general thoughts are 1) The vote was taken. You lost. Stop whining. 2) You are showing more "hate" towards the people that supported this proposition than any of its supporters ever showed towards gays. 3) You aren't going to accomplish anything by protesting against Utah or the LDS Church. What exactly would you have them do?

Anyway, I think the whole thing is pretty sad. It's been on my mind a lot lately, and Dallin and I have been following the news on it and talking about it quite a bit, so I feel like I've expressed my opinion millions of times, and don't really need to do it on my blog...I'm guessing most people reading this know how I feel anyway.

So that was our election day/time experience. How was yours?

(In other news, my sickness continues...we're thinking mono. I also need my wisdom teeth pulled...or I need to get a teething ring (Dallin's solution). I still dislike the bank intensely. School continues. Christmas is coming! And our six month anniversary is tomorrow!)

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