Thursday, January 29, 2009


On January 24, 1985, my favorite person was born.

This guy.

Of course, he didn't look like this when he was born. He probably wasn't wearing the tux, anyway.

For all you math-minded people: 2009 - (as in minus) 1985 = 24!

24 on the 24th. Golden Birthday. This is what I was dealing with.

So we had some friends over the night before the big day for pizza and such. Also, there may or may not have been a craps table involved. May or MAY NOT, people. Don't jump to conclusions, please. We had a grand old time...whatever we may or MAY NOT have done....

The morning of the main event, we slept in. Love sleeping in. I think this has rubbed of a bit on Dallin, too. When we did get up, I made him his favorite breakfast (crepes and bacon. We love bacon.) and we played some Mario Kart on the wii we borrowed from my parents. I also gave him a coupon book, giving him coupons to make me do things I should do anyway. After a pretty lazy afternoon, we met up with my parents and little sister for something that you might not be expecting:


My mom saw tickets for this thing a little while ago, and thought it might be fun to go for Dallin's birthday, so go we did! Along with tons of other people. And these weren't just any people. No. These were Monster Jam people. These were get a tattoo of Grave Digger people. These were give your kid a mullet people. These people had character. They made the whole experience, really.

Other things that helped with the experience:




Good times.

I love my 24 year old hubby. He is the best there is and I'm grateful that I got to celebrate another birthday with him, and that I get to celebrate several more with him. Happiness abounds!

Since I titled this post 24, I feel I should also mention that I love the tv show 24, and feel complete now that it is the 24 season once again. GO GET THOSE TERRORISTS, JACK!!

My other favorite show is Gilmore Girls. Paradox much?

In other news, our blog (on blogspot) is pink. Don't tell Dallin. I think it is Valentines-y, obviously. He would think it

Also, my comments are being trippy! I have approved several comments on a couple posts, and yet the page insists on not showing them! What am I doing wrong, blog?! Tell me! People are going to think I'm a loser without blog comments! But anyway, if you've commented and don't see your comment, it is not because I did not approve of your comment. It is also not because I hate you. I hate pretty much no one.

And I especially hate pretty much no one that reads my blog. Group hug!


  1. Sure enough... the other blog doesn't want to let anyone comment. :( What a great birthday! He'll want his own monster truck next year... ;)

  2. Happy late bday Dallin! THat's cool you went to the monster truck show. I have wanted to take Clayton to one of those, never been, and from the sounds of it, the people there are just as I imagined. How did you get down on the field? Pretty Cool!


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