Saturday, June 13, 2009

The X/Y Debate

You know, over our baby's second chromosome. Which should make its intentions known by this Wednesday, the 17th. At 3:30 pm. We're a little bit stoked.

It's a funny thing, trying to guess a baby's gender. I mean, it's a 50/50 shot. Any "method" you have of guessing has a 50% chance of working. Hey, those are pretty good odds. But...also...pretty bad ones?

Anyway, what type of baby do you think we're going to have? Here are some fun, uh, hints (read: silly superstitions) to help you out:

-Morning sickness in early pregnancy is an indication of a girl.
(Uh, come to Mama, baby girl!)

-If the baby's heart rate is slower than 140, it's a boy. If it's faster than that, it's a girl.
(Our baby's heart rate was exactly 140 as of our last check-up...hmmm. Some of the things I found said if it's at least 140, it's a girl. I guess this will count towards the pink column)

-Headaches mean a boy
(BOY! Although I've always been rather headache prone)

-Carrying low=boy. Carrying high=girl
(Well, right now, when I do have a belly, I would say it's lower than higher. I don't really know how to tell...)

-Craving salty or sour foods means a boy; craving sweet foods means a girl
(If I had to choose between the two...I probably crave salty or sour more often)

-If your pillow faces north when you sleep, it's a boy. If it faces south, it's a girl.
(Mine faced West before we it faces South. I don't think I can count this one either way though...)

-If you've had bad breakouts while you're pregnant, it's a girl.
(I haven't really...but the past few days have been pretty bad)

-If the dad is gaining weight right along with you, it's a boy.
(Nope. Dallin's actually lost weight)

-Add your age at the time of conception to the number of the month you conceived. If the sum is even, it's a boy. If it's odd, it's a girl.

-If you refuse to eat the heel on a loaf of bread, it's a girl.
(What? Um...I would eat the heel. Especially if it's french bread. Yummy!)

-Check out the Chinese calendar
(This says it's a girl)

So, after all these pieces of "evidence," and leaving out the few that I really can't decide on, the final tally is...

BOY: 4

Too close to call, I say.

My mother's intuition (yay! I have one!) pushes me towards girl. Dallin actually thinks it's a girl too. My sister, however, who is apparently the authority on these things, is thinking blue. So go ahead and vote in our nifty poll thing at the top of the page and let us know what you're thinking!

I guess only time can tell. I sure am excited for it to spill the beans though.

Whatever brand you are, baby, we love you!


  1. I have to be honest here. I don't think any of those methods work. I ad morning sickness at the beginning of my pregnancy, I carried high,and I didn't have any cravings at all, I just couldn't eat chicken. The only thing I had going was my mother's intuition that I knew that it was boy, Matt thought it was a girl. I don't want to burst your bubble and be bah humbug about it, but all i'm going to say is go with your intuition. :)

  2. Oh I forgot to mention that my sister-in-law had bad breakouts while she was pregnant all 3 times and she had all boys. i think that it has to do with the hormones and how your body takes it.

  3. The only thing I can be sure about is that it is NOT twins. I'm not quite sure where that little one is hiding in there, but I've got to think that twins would take up some room. I'm anxious to hear the answer! Momma

  4. Seriously! You are the tiniest pregnant girl I have ever seen. Where IS the baby?

  5. I've got one of each, and they both kinda rock. So it's a win win for you.

  6. I woke up this morning and came straight to your blog to find out what you're having! So??? What's the verdict???


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