Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That just happened.

Believe it or not, Dallin tries to get me to spend more money. I seriously don't get it. But I think maybe he feels bad for not feeling bad about spending money when he wants/needs to.

But I'm no psycho-analyst-majig.

I just thought I'd point that out...because it sort of kind of in a way justifies the so not-me thing I just did.

BabyGoodBuys (a save-money-on-baby-things-blog) posted on Facebook about this super rad diaper bag that was on major sale on Amazon.

Super rad diaper bag. I swooned over the older version of this diaper bag whilst I was prego. And this - this is the newer version. And it was more than half-off and shipped for free (still $48...but it's a $100 bag).

Now, I do not - do NOT - need a new diaper bag. I got our current bag on Craigslist for $40, and I love love it. It has not given me any problems. Nope. None.

But did I buy the super rad diaper bag anyway? Yes. Yes I did.

I don't have buyer's remorse yet...but if it sinks in by the time the new bag gets here, and I see the new bag and I'm like totally facepalming, the newbie can be returned for free (minus the hassle, of course), and we can all just forget this whole thing ever happened. But if it gets here and I totally love it (expected scenario) I'll just resell my current bag on Craigslist, since it's still in awesome shape and all.

Good thing it's bedtime. Who knows what other craziness I would get myself into if I stayed awake?! No one! No one knows! Craaaaazy!


  1. Katie... I just love reading your blog! You just have such a knack for the funny stuff! I am so glad you got the diaper bag... you absolutley deserve a cute accessory, and it's for a cute baby, so you can't go wrong.

  2. No no no what you do when you feel guilty is then gift it to someone else having a baby...


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