Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Death by Baby Gap

Ever since I had a little girl, Baby Gap has been trying to kill me.

The other day, I think they may have succeeded. Madelyn and I wandered the mall because Dallin was out doing missionary stuff and because that's what girls do when they have nothing else to do - they shop. Here are just a few of the things we stumbled upon.

This is just a few random things I picked from their website. It's even cuter in person. And there's so much more of it. *Sigh*

Now, just so you don't go thinking I'm a baby clothes snob, I'll have you know that I got Maddy a few shirts from Walmart the other day for $3.50 each. They were adorable too.

But to be honest, we'll probably be going back to Baby Gap before too long...

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  1. i agree baby gap is so adorable! i do walk alot faster past it though so i will not go in in few of spending the entire bank account on adorable things.


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