Friday, January 13, 2012

Look at me and my crafty self

I don't get many opportunities to show off crafty things, because I don't take many opportunities to do crafty things, because I have one crafty bone in my body, and I think it's in my legs somewhere, and I hate my legs.

And now that that's out of the way...

My sister Julie found us a little project to do that could be done even with one crafty bone, so it was just right for me. Observe:

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Fancy schmancy embossed ornaments! Cute, right? But wait - there's more.

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And yes - you read that correctly - we embossed. That's right - embossed. Like we had to use special embossing powder and a little embossing heating tool thingamajig to do this. Embossing is boss.


I kinda love them.

I made six total: two for my mom, two for my mom-in-law, and two for me. They made excellent grandma gifts, don't you think?

And I took exactly zero pictures of the process. I bet you can figure out what we did though, since chance are, you have more crafty bones than I do. (Answer: stamp letters with embossing ink on ornament. Cover with embossing powder. Heat until successfully embossed. Strap squirmy child down whilst stamping their embossing ink-covered hand on the opposite side of the ornament. Cover with embossing powder. Heat until successfully embossed. Tie pretty bows. Tie the best bow you can when it doesn't exactly come out "pretty." Say "Ta da!")

Okay, now - how much do you love them?

That's what I thought. 


  1. So cute! I do embossing on my cards but never thought to do it on an ornament? (or anything else for that matter) Genius! Fun to see you at the library the other day ;)

  2. Me too. How on earth did you get them to stay still for a hand stamping? I'm pretty sure Ethan's hand is too big for an ornament.

  3. Yes they DO make wonderful Grandma gifts. Yes, they made it home with me without get broken in my suitcase. Whew.

  4. This is such a cute idea! I planned on making an ornament for Spencer, but couldn't think of any good ideas- I may copy you :)

  5. The pictures have disappeared! I came back to comment because I didn't get a chance to when I checked out your craftiness earlier. I love the ornaments, especially the hand print!


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