Monday, January 20, 2014

35 Things To Do in 2014

Ah...2013. I think I'll refer to it as "The Year of Parker." I found out I was pregnant a few days after Christmas 2012, so January-September 7 was aaaaaallll about being pregnant, you know? Maybe because I didn't have school to deal with this time around (I did with both of the girls), or maybe because I was pregnant with two kids, or maybe my Zodiac sign was aligned just so with the moon, but I was very into being pregnant this time around. It took a lot out of me and I gave it a lot of time and energy. (And I loved it, by the way.)

And then after September 7, it was aaaaaallll about having a newborn. And I don't think I have to explain that to anyone.

The point of that was to tell you that 2013's goals...well...they didn't exactly...survive. I mean, I'll give myself some credit: I did make goals. And I made these amazing goal sheets that helped me keep track of them. And I even kept up with some of them pretty well and checked a few big things off my list. And then it got to be like August and I realized how far behind I was and I got discouraged and busy with other things and everything goal-related just sort of...stopped.

But, even though I was plenty occupied for the rest of the year, I still missed my goals. And that is why I've got a sparkly new list for 2014. Who's excited?!


Just me?


In an effort to be super committed to my list this year, I've decided to return to holding myself accountable to the 5 or so people who actually read this blog. Yes, you. You are my motivation! Don't let me down!

My list this year is pretty simple, and (let's be honest) not terribly ambitious. I wanted to be super realistic and push myself to do things that should happen on their own, but never really seem to (if that makes sense). Some are also straight up repeats of past years' goals, but are so great they deserve to be done again!

And so, here we go - my 35 Things of 2014. (If you want to know why I follow a "to-do list" type format for my goals, check out this post)

35 Things To Do in 2014

1. read Jesus the Christ
2. read The Book of Mormon with a study guide or complementary book
3. index 500 names
4. private
5. private
6. private
7. read or listen to a General Conference talk every week
8. read at least 3 articles in every Ensign
9. research Kindergarten options for Maddy and get her on waiting lists if necessary
10. potty train Charly
11. learn to french braid
12. add water to food storage
13. create chores (or similar system) for kids
14. organize family photos
15. learn a new song (not a hymn) on the piano
16. update the software on my laptop (loooong overdue!)
17. exercise once a week
18. take a class
19. read 2 "classics" I've never read
20. write 24 blog posts
21. write in journal twice a month
22. organize a girls' night
23. read 24 books (a downsize from past years, but I find myself reading less and less these days. This will push me.)
24. pay off (x amount) in student loans (those pesky things)
25. save cash according to this system
26. try 20 new healthy recipes (my goal last year was 30, and I made it to 15, so 20 will push me a bit)
27. go to The Melting Pot
28. finish hosting project (a work project that has taken me forever)
29. another work project that I don't really feel like explaining
30. print and hang new family pics
31. reupholster kitchen chairs
32. clean upstairs closet
33. redecorate master bedroom
34. donate to D.I.
35. redecorate pot shelf in kitchen

Okay, so it's kind of lame to have those "private" ones on numbers 4-6, but I decided I wasn't comfortable sharing them. Sorry. My list, my rules!

I'm really excited for this year and I'm excited to push my mother-of-three self. It's definitely a "self" that I'm still getting used to being, and I'm excited to prove to myself that I can still accomplish things, even though I often feel overwhelmed and inadequate.

So did you make a list this year? Or set some resolutions? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Dang, girl! I am impressed! Especially with those reading goals. My book-reading has gone down the toilet since I had Ellie (almost eleven months ago now). But, now, after reading your list, I feel like I have absolutely no excuse, especially since I don't have THREE kids. I'm inspired.

    1. Yeah, that reading goal is really going to push me. I read two books the week between Christmas and New Years and maybe got a little overly ambitious. :) It's going to be an interesting year, but a lot of things on this list are really important to me, so I'm at least giving it a shot!

  2. I, one of the five, will keep you responsible. I love a good excel spreadsheet! I just told Dan this week that I tried Jesus the Christ and must've given up. My momma has an awesome book of hair styles and makes it super easy to french braid (on someone else OR yourself!). I'll see what I can do if you lend me your book(s) and tell me of your kindergarten research. :) I have a couple books on my list and I'm sure you must have them in your personal library.

    1. Thanks, Liz! I am definitely interested in the french braid book, even if it's just the name of it so I can see if it's at the library or something. And you are more than welcome to any books that I have, although you'll probably be disappointed -- my collection is not very impressive. :)

  3. The last time I read BoM, I read it with the institute manual-it provided a bunch of insight/quotes I hadn't seen before. Good luck on your projects, they'll look lovely by the time you're done with them, I'm sure.

    1. That's a good suggestion! I have been using the Institute manuals to snail-crawl my way through the Old Testament, and they are definitely helpful!

  4. Please keep me in mind for that Girls Night you have on your list! Girls nights are hard to come by but also always needed :)


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