Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 8: 3:00-4:00 pm: The Last Hour of 24....EVER

Don't worry - this won't be nearly as long as my LOST review. 24 just isn't as complex as LOST, no matter how you slice it.

And speaking of slicing...remember when Jack cut that guy's stomach open so he could get to the SIM card the guy had just swallowed? Ugh. How did he even know how to do that?

Anyway, see what I mean? It's just a tad Is that what I'm trying to say?

Whatever it is, it's great. And it's been great for 8 seasons. And now it's over. *Sigh*

So here's what I thought:
  • I did NOT like that Renee was dead. Sure, that happened a few episodes ago, but that was basically the catalyst for the rest of Jack's actions for the remainder of the season, so it was still important. Looking at it from that perspective, I guess it had to happen. BUT looking at it from the perspective that there should be happiness and love for everyone in the world...well, it doesn't really work. Or it just makes me sad.
  • I did kind of like that Jack went a little crazy. I mean, he's gone a little crazy in past seasons, of course, but I think this was a different kind of crazy. Renee's death just totally pushed him as far as he's ever gone. Which is understandable, seeing as how he's never been able to love on a woman without her getting shot. Or driven crazy by the Chinese. I mean, the guy couldn't catch a break.
  • And really, it's not like I expected him to. I mean, how was the series supposed to end? They couldn't have him die, because...he's Jack Bauer. He doesn't die. They also couldn't have him just go to California and live a normal life or whatever, because...he's Jack Bauer. He'd get involved in something, somehow. And then we'd have to watch it. And then the show wouldn't actually be over. So...obviously.
  • Oh, President Taylor. I was soooo disappointed. She was supposed to stand up for everything good and right and honest and whatever. And then she goes and listens to CHARLES LOGAN?! Good thing she realized the error of her ways in the end. That redeems her a bit. But now she's got to face the consequences...and who the heck knows who's going to take over for her? And now Jack's gone! So who's going to help when this new president screws everything up? Good luck with that one.
All in all, I was disappointed with this season. I thought the first part was good, but the last part was a little on the dull side. The last several hours were all about trying to find out who was responsible, covering up who was responsible, etc. Not as exciting as some of the other things that have happened over the years. Just sayin.

But I thought it was a generally good end to a fantastic show. And I guess it needed to end. There are only so many disasters that can happen (or not happen) before the intensity wears off.

Oh man, I think I'm moving out of the "denial" stage of grief. It's really over! A quick Google search tells me that the next stage is "anger." Uh, oh. Watch out. I'm angry. And then I'll "bargain." I wonder what I could give FOX that would make them bring Jack back. I do have an unopened package of Double Stuf Oreos in the pantry.

But then, what would I have for lunch?

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  1. Dude - I hear ya! I had mixed feelings about Jack going crazy, but the man has to crack at some point, so I couldn't really judge the guy. President Taylor! How could you! So sad, but so much more realistic. We all have our fatal flaws!


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