Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh So Crafty

I follow a fair number of craft blogs. For your convenience, I have defined "craft blog" below.

Craft blog (n): Your chance to show Katie how creative she is not, and what she cannot do.

I am not a crafty individual. This stems mostly from my lack of sewing skills. Which stems from my lack of a sewing machine. Which stems from my lack of sewing skills. Which obviously makes perfect sense.

But yeah, I can't sew. I also can't decide if I ever really want/need to learn how to sew, when there are sew many (haha) other sewing wizards out there.

Sew is a weird word. Sew sew sew.

ANYWAY my point is, most of the posts posted by these crafting blogs I follow tend to require some sewing. So I read them, sigh a non-sewer's sigh, and move on.

But of course, when I see a craft that requires naught but a hot glue gun, Modge Podge, and spray paint, I'm all over it.

And so began my journey to create these boxes. They're from Make It and Love It.
Cute, right? The basic idea is this: cardboard box; spray paint; Modge Podge fabric of choice onto front of box.

So simple. And so needed. I've seriously needed storage boxes for the shelf in my laundry room for a long time. That thing was clutter central. It was the perfect spot to just throw something that didn't really have a home. I so should have taken a before picture of this shelf. But I think my subconscious self, terrified of utter embarrassment, stopped me. So...


I ended up changing things up a bit from the original design. I bought cardboard boxes instead of assembling my own. I tried making one on my own and did not love it very much, the poor thing. Buying new, clean packing boxes was pretty cheap and infinitely easier, and I could still pretty them up like I wanted to.

I also ended up changing the spray paint step. I spray painted two of my boxes before I realized it was a five-coats-necessary pain in the tush. For the other two, I slathered on some of the extra semi-gloss we had from painting the house. SO much easier.

And, obviously, I nixed the cut-out handles. EASE is the name of my game.

So, there you have it. Now all the stuff that was thrown onto our shelf is thrown into sort of categorized boxes.

We'll see what I come up with next. If anything.

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