Friday, February 17, 2012

Things I Love - week 2



8. My car. 130,000 miles of memories (including an epic road trip to NYC).

9. This little guy represents my computer, my phone, and our iPad. Three things that I definitely love.

10. Date night. This one involved ice skating. We only fell once, but we made it count.

11. QuikTrip is da best.

12. Music

13. Arizona! I love it here. And no, I don't own that necklace. Could someone take care of that, please?

14. Love! This one was for Valentine's Day.

Speaking of Valentine's're not a Valentine's hater, are you? Because if you are, I'm sad for you. I know lots of people are like, "We shouldn't need a special day to tell people we love them, blah blah blah," but you know what? We shouldn't need a special day to celebrate our Mothers/Fathers, or our country's independence, or our Savior's birth, or any special occasion, really. I mean, what are holidays if not special reminders and celebrations of things that we too often take for granted? So yeah, if you're gonna hate, hate some holiday without a purpose, like... oh, say...Halloween.

Okay, I'm done. Hope you all had great Valentine's Days. I know I'm enjoying my flowers, chocolates, and  "Cars" valentines that I'm still finding around the house. Oh, and we're going to see "Wicked" next month. No biggie (semi-contained squeal of ecstasy). The hubs outdoes himself sometimes.


  1. Well said. I was never a huge fan but not a hater either. Good reminder.

  2. QT. Yesss. And I love Valentine's too. Aaand I'm jealous about exciting!

  3. Halloween has purpose...haha jk it really doesn't. Love you!

  4. I want that necklace too. Where'd ya find it?


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