Monday, September 27, 2010

Some things just don't get done right away

I'm not getting everything entirely done tonight. Observe:

What I did do today:

*woke up early
*accepted the fact that it was going to be a bad hair day
*went to lunch with my lil sis
*grocery shopped
*put Madelyn down for nap
*started homework
*washed & dried 5 loads of laundry (nope, not folded. see above)
*made dee-licious dinner for missionaries
*quick-cleaned the house so it wasn't a total disaster for the missionaries
*ate dinner with the missionaries
*listened to spiritual thought from missionaries
*woke Maddy up from her (FOUR AND A HALF HOUR) nap
*went for a walk with Dallin and Maddy
*visited my recovering-from-knee-surgery grandma in the hospital
*had a 23-year-old crisis
*finished a substantial amount of super stressful/annoying homework
*felt extremely grateful to Dallin for putting the baby down
*peeked in at Maddy because she's so gosh darn pretty when she's asleeping
*decided to put off finishing the dishes and folding the laundry until tomorrow
*decided to blog about putting off dishes and laundry...instead of doing them
*realized that my life is pretty good
*said goodnight to my blog buddies
*signed off


  1. Sweet--I love it. I'm decent at doing the laundry but terrible at putting it away. That's a whole nother job!

  2. My laundry is never folded and I almost always choose bloging over chores. i thought I saw you last night on your walk. Turns out it was you. i came home and told my hubby I missed the days when we could go out for an evening walk and not worry about homework, soccer practice, and getting little ones to bed before 8.

  3. Sounds very normal. Love how you express yourself and may your crisis pass.

  4. Brave girl, posting pictures of laundry and dishes! Sounds like you had a busy enough day as it was! And yeah for 4 1/2 hour naps!!


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