Friday, August 22, 2008


Am I retarded for giving my post that title? Shut up, I thought it was funny.

So we are down to our last few days of summer before school starts. It's like a dark cloud is hovering in the distance, just waiting to come and downpour on our perfect homework-free picnic. But we've been doing stuff to make sure we make the most of our remaining time (does that sound like we're dying?)

Most importantly (drumroll please) I turned 21 on the 15th! Hooray! But that was not the most exciting part (sidenote: turning 21 is not a big deal for a Mormon girl. Horizontal driver's license...thrilling). The most exciting part was our trip to Disneyland to celebrate! Ah, what a great day. The lines were not too long, it was not swelteringly hot, and I got wished happy birthday by about 60 Disney employees thanks to the Disneyland birthday button I sported the whole day. Yesssssss. I think Dallin is running for some kind of "ultimate husband" position. And he's doing great (the trip was his idea)

What else? There have been a couple wedding receptions of really good friends (love weddings, love friends... good times); I've seen "Mamma Mia!" twice and can be found making a fool of myself dancing/singing to the soundtrack of said film in my car; I'm looking for a new job; I just got an awesome over-the-door pantry organizer, which I'm so excited about you'd think it was singlehandedly solving all life's problems; and my Grandma is starting cooking classes for her daughter/daughters-in-law/granddaughters, the first of which was last night, and it was fantastic!

So that might be all that's going on with me at the moment. As for Dallin, he's working, being a sport as I drag him to stranger-infested receptions or ditch him for a while to hang with in-from-out-of-town girlfriends, and dreading school even more than I am. He's a fantastic husband who takes excellent care of his wife! We're living the good life, indeed.


Bummer that I don't have ANY pics to include with this post...Oh well. Use your imaginations :)