Thursday, April 30, 2009


Do you really think no news is good news?

I would submit that most of the time it is not.

Especially in blogs.

I mean, blogs are all about news, am I right? So no news isn't really the best strategy to take.

Not that no news is bad news's just no news.

I mean, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. This is what my four years as an English major has taught me.

Anyway...I haven't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean there's no news. Here are some headlines from the Harris Family Gazette:

Julie Allen Marries Chris Boyster
Katie's sister Julie tied the knot on April 25, 2009 in the Mesa, Arizona temple. It was an exciting (but busy) week/weekend and we're sort of glad it's over so they can just get on with their Happily Ever After already! Reception was party-style at Dave & Busters at Tempe Marketplace.

I guess weddings are usually pretty close to the obituaries, so here's one of those:

Sunglasses Found Broken in Purse after 5 Years of Faithful Service

Katie found her absolute favorite accessory, her lovely sunglasses, broken in her purse last week. Katie says she has no idea how this tragedy occurred. Attempts to find a "replacement" pair have been, as of yet, unfruitful.

"I have no idea how this happened," Katie says. "I just can't believe it. They've been there for five years and now they're just...gone."

Katie remembers this as one of their most memorable times together:

Katie hopes to find a "replacement" soon, so that she can avoid taking more squinty pictures like this:

Local Couple Sets Record for Shortest Doctor's Visit Ever
The Harris family was stunned at the brevity of their OB-GYN appointment yesterday in Chandler, Arizona.

The appointment went something like this:
-sign in
-wait about 5 minutes
-pee in a cup
-get weighed
-sit on table
-wait for doctor and husband to arrive
-answer doctor's 2 questions
-have some jelly smeared on my tummy
-listen to baby's heartbeat!
-revel a little bit more
-have doctor tell you everything looks perfect
-make next appointment
-go home!

We were in and out in like, 20 minutes.

I suppose this is good...everything is totally normal! And the baby's heartbeat was beautiful. Gotta love the joys of pregnancy...especially when the sorrows are so...prevalent.

Katie Finds Favorite Candy on Super Sale at QuikTrip
Katie, craving one of her favorite candies the other day, went into QT to get some, since that is the only place she has ever seen them. Much to her surprise, they were not in their usual spot. With a little searching, however, she found many, many bags of Chewy Runts on sale for 25 cents a piece.

She may or may not have bought several bags. Food storage, people!

If you've never had Chewy Runts, you are indeed missing out. Call me. Perhaps I will share some of my goodness with you. But did the wise virgins share oil with the foolish ones? Nay.

Impending Graduation Cause for Great Excitement
The Harris's are more or less extremely stoked about their upcoming graduation in TWO SHORT WEEKS! Katie already has several plans that include reading books that are NOT Autobiographies of Malcolm X or anything close to the title Beloved, working a little more to make some extra moo-lah, and perhaps even making dinner a few times a week.

Hot Haircut Causes Quite a Stir
Katie, sick of having to take 30 minutes just to DRY her hair, chopped it off last Thursday. Pictures to come when I'm not feeling so ugly. (See above pictures for sneak peek!)

Whew! There certainly was news, wasn't there? I'll try not to keep you guys out of the loop for so long next time. Although I think part of me was relishing in my big announcement post.... Thinking about it even now makes me smile.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok, so the bridal shower was a success. At least, I think it was a success. If you were there, please tell me it was a success. Thanks.

In honor of the fun bridal shower games, I thought we'd play a little blogging game. This game is called "You might be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ if..." Ready? Here we go!

You might be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ if....

You avoid drinking orange juice because it hurts when it comes back up.

You're still tired after 10 hours of sleep.

You can't cook/smell/look at raw beef. You just can't.

You strongly feel that smells of all kinds should be outlawed. Like, legally not allowed to exist.

You hear a sad song and it makes you cry.

You hear a happy song and it makes you cry.

You can't be on time to your first class of the day.

You've outgrown your sports bra.

You go to the doctor, they stick a gel-covered probe up your (whoa!), and suddenly, you're checking this out on a monitor:

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, talk to your doctor. They'll probably tell you the same thing they told me: that you're:


It's true! I'm about 10 weeks along and we are beyond excited for our new addition due November 14! Yes, I love to complain about being tired and hungry and sick and all that, but really, I could not be happier about this miracle that is going to bless our little family. And Dallin? Well let's just say that half of you reading this probably have already heard our big news, and that it most likely came from someone that Dallin just couldn't wait to tell. He's been busting more than I have!

So there you have it- in another 6 1/2 months there will be a mini-Katie or mini-Dallin that you will be forced to look at pictures/videos at on this very blog. I mean, not that you won't want to, since this kid is gonna be hot stuff...but you know. YAY!

Also, if you're upset that this wasn't actually a game, I'm sorry. I've already repented of my dishonesty. Now it's up to you to forgive.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calling all women!

No, boys, this one isn't for you.

Also, if you're a boy- why are you visiting my blog anyway? Just wondering.

Ok girls, I'm in serious need of some chick advice.

My sister is getting married in a few weeks (yay, Sister!), and I am the resident Matron of Honor (yay, Me!). As such, I was given the chore task joyous responsibility of coming up with some games for us to play at her bridal shower.

I have never been part of the bridal shower planning committee.

I think I have been to...three...maybe four....bridal showers in my life. Two of them were my own.

I don't want to do all the games we did at my showers, because (duh) my sister has played them. I want to be unique, gosh dang it!

And I am currently swimming in a sea of lame ideas I got off the internet.

I think I have one game - one - that I am pretty sure we're going to use. One game is not enough, people!

Also, 70 people were invited to this bridal shower. My food-preparing grandmother and I are praying that not this many people show up...but even if they don't, we're talking a fairly large group.

So, I need game ideas. For a fairly large group. By Saturday.

No pressure, people.

I just might never speak to you again if this thing is a flop.

Also, if you know my sister and didn't get an invitation to her shower- trust me, this is a serious oversight. We probably didn't have your address. Because I'm pretty sure we covered everyone from childhood friends to random people we barely know anymore. So please don't feel bad. And if you feel like you should be there, come! I'll hook you up with all the deets.

Ok now that the polite disclaimer is out of the way...give me those ideas. I await your brilliance.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Did you notice?

That is my question for the day. Well, did you?

I finally caved and put a little music player thingy on my blog. So now, not only can you READ the essence of all things me, but you can HEAR it as well.

It's kind of a multi-sense-ational experience.

But seriously- did you notice?

Because even as I was choosing the songs to put on my little music player thingy, I thought to myself- "Self, how many times have you turned the volume on your computer OFF just so you wouldn't have to HEAR the essence of all things other people, and you could just READ it instead?"

"Well, Self, I've done that quite a lot."

"So you kind of just assumed that your readers would want to become your hearers too, Self?"

"Well, I don't know, Self, I guess I never really thought about it."

"Well, you should as least ask them how they feel about it."

"Good idea, Self. How's the family?"

So, as my Selves suggested, I'm asking you- do you have the sound on while you're blogging? Do you listen to the music someone has playing from their blog? Do you enjoy it? Does it reveal something deeper about the blogger? Or... do you listen to your own music, so blog music just gets in the way? Or do you read blogs when other people are around- other people that might not be as inclined to hear my essence as you are? Or do you just hate music all together?

These are the things I wonder.

Basically, I'm trying to decide if I should keep my music player.

So...did you notice? Do you care?

I hope you have more important things to care about...