Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Fever

Several weeks ago, I started writing a post with the most creative title EVA!

Wait for it...

wait for it....


Oh yes. I reek of originality.

For whatever reason, my "Spring Fever" post never came to fruition. And now, Arizona's short-lived spring will very soon be coming to a close, and summer will be upon us.

And that's fine with me. I actually love summer. I have a shirt that says "Summer is funner" on it. Grammatical errors aside, this saying is so totally true.

And here's why:

1) No school. Which should be a no-brainer, BUT I should have had to take school this summer, BUT because I didn't get the right fingerprint clearance card in time to take a student-teaching class this semester, I can't take the follow-up class over the summer, SO I'll have to take school over the summer next year, BUT as for this summer...NO SCHOOL. Suh-weet.

2) $0.69 32 oz-ers at QT. Even though this seems to have become a permanent thing, and has been going on all winter long, I still associate it with summer. One-third white cherry slushy + two-thirds Dr. Pepper = refreshing summertime goodness. Also, one-fourth white cherry slushy + one-fourth watermelon slushy + one-half Sprite = refreshing summertime goodness. The downside is having to decide which refreshing summertime goodness to partake of.

3) Warm. Okay, not warm, hot. Okay, not hot...really, really, often ridiculously hot. But when you've been here your whole life, you kind of get used to it. Plus, if you've got a pool in the backyard and a freakin' adorable chubby baby to squeeze into a freakin' adorable giraffe-print swimsuit, well, the heat doesn't seem too bad.

4) Vacays. Probably at least Utah. And even if only for a few days, getting away is niiiice. Am I right?

5) Brightness and happiness. From the music to the clothes to the home decor to whatever the heck else, summer is bright and lovely. And lovely and bright.

As weird as many people might think it is, summer is so totally my favorite.

What are your summertime plans?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flip to the Flop

I love flip flop weather.

Actually, that's not exactly true, because you me, everything is flip flop weather. And I don't love ALL kinds of weather.

That's right my friends, I wear flip flops all. year. long.

Halloween? Flip flops.
Easter? Flip flops.
4th of July? Duh. Flip flops.
AAAAND...Christmas. Flip. Flops.

Really, I wear them just about every day. With very, very few exceptions. Like, in the snow. Come on, I'm not an idiot.

So, needless to say, my flip flops get a lot of wear and tear. So much so, that they end up looking like this:

Ah, my trusty brown flip flops.

I've had these babies for like...a long time. I'm gonna say...more than 3 years, but less than 5. So let's say 4. (Aren't you glad I might be teaching your kids someday?)

I have two other pairs of flip flops that look just like this, except one pair is black and the other pair is brown with white straps. They are in better condition than my trusty brownies.

As bad as they look, I think they're actually in pretty good shape...considering I've worn them so often for so long.

But dude, the time came that I needed new flip flops.
I searched and searched for some very sturdy, very plain, very awesome brown flip flops that might last me for the next 4 years. I've heard splendid things about the Rainbow brand, but they are like $45-$50. Hm. I also happen to know that American Eagle has rockin flip flops (that's what brand Old Brownies were) but they were still like $30.

Long story short (too late?)...I got new flip flops. American Eagle was having a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale on theirs so I went for it. And so, if you see me anytime in the next 4 years, there is a 1 in 5 chance that I will be wearing these:

Hello non-separated, uncracked soles and straps without any sign of fraying. Love you.

I also went for these as well:

They looked fun and comfy and a little different. Let's hope they're up to the challenge that is my excessive flip flop wearing.

So, there you have it. An entire post about me fulfilling my need for new footwear. It was just so epic to me that I thought I'd share it with the internetal universe.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Milk and Cereal

We added a new component to Maddy girl's diet a few days ago: rice cereal! Woot!

While it's kind of weird for me to even call it cereal since it's recommended to mix a lot of breastmilk into it for the first few I feel like I'm just spoon feeding her milk...I think she definitely notices something different.

Rice cereal is also a great fashion accessory. are some more cute pictures, because they're adorable.

As soon as I get the good Easter pictures from my mom, you'll get to look at those too.

Consider yourself lucky. I know I do!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm really, really not a fashionista. No, really.

About half of the clothes in my closet have been there since high school. Yeah, I'd say about half.

And I still wear them.

So really, I'm not exactly shakin' my groove thang in the fashion world. It's in the fridge, daddy-o! Are you hip to the jive? Can you dig what I'm layin' down? I knew that you could. Slide me some skin, soul brother! (name that movie. Please!)

Anyway, I really just want to know if this strong dislike I have for a current fashion trend is due to my lack of fashionista-ness. If it is, I'll never say another word about least not loudly.

colored tights.

I'm not talking black or neutral colored. I'm talking Skittles camouflaging tights.

Perhaps it's because I'm nowhere near bold enough. Perhaps it's because I don't really see this trend lasting for more than a year or maybe two. Perhaps it's because I really don't like wearing nylons/tights.

Or perhaps it's because colored tights turn your legs different colors, and it actually is silly.

If you love colored tights, that's totally awesome. You're a trendier person than I am. I hope I haven't offended you by expressing my humble opinion.

But am I alone (echo...echo...echo)?

Does anyone else not get this trend? Or any of the other trends out there, for that matter?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Did you feel that?

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?

I didn't. But apparently, I could have.

I was upstairs at my parents' house with two of my sisters and my cousin Cathy. All of the sudden, Cathy says she feels like she's moving! Um...yeah, right, Cathy. Then my sister says she feels it too. Um...yeah, right, Sister.

But then, we look around the room. The open door is swaying on its hinges, some flowers are vibrating in a vase, and from my vantage point, I can see the dining room chandelier swinging!

What the...?

So Cathy Googles (yeah, it's a verb too) to see if there were any earthquakes close by. Sure enough, the big one that hit Baja California had happened just a few minutes before.

I still didn't believe that that was what had happened. I was totally in denial. I earthquake? In Arizona? Psh! I had no idea what I thought had happened to make everything in the house move like that...but I refused to believe it was an earthquake. Until, of course, it became pretty clear that many people had felt it, and that that earthquake was indeed strong enough to reach us a bit!

I think I denied it so much because any and all natural disasters SCARE ALL THAT IS HOLY OUT OF ME, so I didn't want to think I could be affected by such nonsense in Arizona. Obviously, the quake didn't do any damage to us or anything even near us...but it was still enough to freak me out.

I'm such a wimp.

And I'm never moving.

Also, I'm not pregnant. Seriously, people. The title of the post was April Fools! I thought I was being obvious. But um, I guess that makes it more fun. :)

Very also, we got some cute-errific pictures of Madelyn in a lovely Easter dress that I'll be sure to share with you once I finish several other important things, including homework, cleaning, shopping, and food storaging so my family will survive Arizona's next shakedown. So stay tuned! Hope you all had a splendid Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Last year, on April Fools, I was pregnant.

But I was only like 8 weeks pregnant, and I was determined to wait until after my first doctor's appointment (10 weeks-ish) to shout it from the rooftops.

This presented me with an April Fools conundrum.

I mean, it seems like a best April Fools joke a blogger can pull is to say "I'm pregnant!" Because seriously, who's going to know the difference?

BUT I obviously couldn't use this joke, since I was pregnant. If I said I was pregnant on April Fools day, as an April Fools joke...I'd be lying...because I'd be telling the truth. Unless I said I REALLY WAS pregnant in which case the bag would have be prematurely cat-less, which I didn't want. Plus, would anyone really have believed me on April Fools day? Perhaps the fools. I dunno.

Anyway, I ended up writing one of my least favorite posts ever, in which I pretended to love things I hate and hate things I love, which is neither funny nor clever. In fact, I have since deleted said post. That's how much I hated it.

But this year...all bets are off. SOOOOO....


Yep. Preggers. Prego. Preggerific. Pregnified. I'm having a baby. Another baby. We're going to have two babies in our house, because we already have one and now we're having another one. Peanut is due in October and we're surprised, but stoked.

Well, there you have it. I've been waiting a year to do that.