Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5 things you should probably know - thing 1

Also known as "5 Things You Would Know By Now If I Ever Freaking Blogged." I'm breaking this into 5 posts because, well, then maybe you'll get 5 posts out of me this year. So let's get to it.

Thing 1: There's a bun in my oven. I'm due September 10. It's a BOY, which has me all sorts of freaked out. You've probably picked all this up from Facebook or something, but it's still worth mentioning here, right? What you may have not picked up from Facebook (because I haven't really shared them) are these fun facts about this pregnancy:

  • I'm craving sweet things (SPRINKLES CUPCAKES ALL DAY LONG PLEASE) and also cheeseburgers.
  • I've gained 17 pounds so far (25 weeks), which is perfectly normal as far as I know; however, I feel like I've gained about 40 pounds, which is neither normal nor enjoyable. I just want to have more than 2 outfits that I feel good in, okay?!
  • It took much longer to really start feeling movement from this baby than from either of the girls, but now the little guy has become quite a mover AND a shaker. And also a bladder kicker and/or puncher and/or head-butt-er.
  • Let's get real here -- I'm quite the grumpy prego lady this time around. I'm serious, sometimes I go out to run errands and end up feeling like THE ENTIRE WORLD hates my guts and wants to make my life as miserable as possible. And I just want to slap em all. And then I realize that maybe the problem is me, not them, and I start to feel guilty and I buy myself a Milky Way Midnight for some reason.
Here's what I look like right about now:

 photo c48ed380-1ef4-4574-901b-148a4b1cab25.jpg

Feel all caught up on my pregnant state? You're welcome.