Monday, February 28, 2011

35 Things: February Update

And it continues...

2. Have one month when I go to the temple weekly (halfway done) - Tell me if you think this is cheating: my bro-in-law (who is leaving on his mission to Paraguay in May...yay...that rhymes) visited the temple for the first time ever on Feb 19, and we're supportive and all, so we went. The next week, my little sister (who is getting married March 3) visited the temple for the first time ever, and we're supportive and all, so we went.

And I thought to myself, "Self, you could have planned this out better and gone to the temple every week for the month of February!"

And then my self responded with "Well, self, you could still make this work...just go for 4 consecutive weeks"

And I thought, "By golly, self, you're right. After all, I made these rules."

So I hereby decided that 4 consecutive weeks fulfills the "every week for a month" requirement. And so it is written.

So I'm halfway done with that one. Cheating? Bah.

7. Create a meal plan - at least once a week for every month - check.

12 Bake a new cookie every month - February's cookie: Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, found on My Baking Addiction (click the cookie name to go to the recipe). And these were every bit as yummy as they sound and look. Yumzo.

25. Read 30 books - while I didn't make as much progress as I did in January, I read a couple books this month, bringing my grand total up to 7:

-Fire by Kristin Cashore: not a sequel to Graceling, but a "companion" to it. Really, really liked it. I plan on reading the third one when it comes out, thanks so much. 4 1/2 stars.

-City of Glass by Cassandra Clare: the third of The Mortal Instruments series, which I had to finish, but I'm pretty glad is behind me now. 2.75 stars.

29. Do not drink soda for one month - you.guys. If you don't know how huge this is, then you don't know me. I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE SIP OF SODA FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. This is amazing. I am incredibly proud of myself for doing this. I won't blubber on about it, but it was not easy. BUT I DID IT. Holy crap. Go me. Now where's my DP?

30. Babysit for free - done. Just because it's done doesn't mean I won't do it for you and your kids. I'm willing to do it again. I probably will do it again. Cool.

35. Complete an act of service every month - again, won't go into detail, but I didz it.

So there you have it. I'm doing all right, no? Plus, I got started on several others on the list, including cleaning out/organizing the pantry, finishing the nursery, and donating old clothes to DI.

I'm really liking having this list, y'all.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What food does to me

Before eating my breakfast this morning:

About 30 minutes after eating my breakfast (of Mini Wheats + a banana) this morning:

It's a pretty big difference if you ask me.

Almost 17 weeks.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When you're pregnant and don't have church until 3

Your Sunday morning can easily become full of mindless munching and computer browsing.

Also, Poore Brothers Three Cheese Jalepeno chips are yum.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the sake of putting up a new post...

Random thoughts:

1) Did you know that the lowest zip code in the United States is 01001, which is for Agawam, MA? BUT there are two exceptions: (a) 00501, which is in NY but is used only for the US Internal Revenue center there, and (b) 00601, which is in Puerto Rico. The highest zip code is 99950, and is for Ketchikan, AK, which is mighty fun to say.

2) Many Valentine's Day cards out there are waaaaay too wordy. Like, I was looking at the cards for husbands and couldn't really find a single one that didn't have a novella in it. What if I'd rather just have the card say something simple and sweet so I can write my own novella, if I so choose? The fact is, Hallmark doesn't want us to become novella-ists. They want to make us illiterate so we have to say everything we ever want to say with a Hallmark card.

And look at that, I'm a conspiracy theorist.

3) Dallin was gone for 4 days last week, in Mexico doing some awesome work/church stuff. I didn't tell you because ~hello~ this is the internet, and I didn't want the internet to know that I was home alone for 4 days. I missed him terribly.

4) 14 weeks pregnant. Dallin and I have kind of been thinking boy from the beginning, but in the past couple days I've been questioning that hunch. I guess we have a 50/50 shot, and we'll know March 7.

5) I have to be a reference for a guy I knew in high school that is applying to be a police officer. It's really hard to answer questions like "What is the applicant's temperament?" when you haven't spoken to said applicant in 4 years. I mean, I could tell you what he was like when he was you really want to know that? Humph. It's annoying. But necessary, I suppose. So, I plow on.

The end. Have a happy day!