Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot...


Ok, so yelling the last two words doesn't really fit into the song, but can you blame me for not being able to contain my excitement? We all love Christmas, and it's here! So yell it, baby!

I am particularly excited because a few short days ago, Dallin and I put up our Christmas tree that we bought as part of our 6 month celebration. While we haven't exactly built up a grand collection of homemade ornaments (or...any ornaments, for that matter...) we still put together a lovely, simple tree. And seriously, folks, we had to put it together. You know how those fake trees are...*sigh* too bad they're just so much easier than real ones, right?

*disclaimer: due to lighting issues (or, perhaps, just poor photography) many of our pictures are blurry! sad, but what can you do?

Dallin putting the top piece on! Yay it looks like a Christmas tree!

Untangling the lights. Maybe it's because our lights were brand new...but we didn't even have issues with them. It was like...surreal.

Stepping back to admire the handiwork of the lights.

Ornaments! aka the few, the proud.

Cleaning up afterwards...who knew that even fake trees leave a mess?

Ta Da!

You know, as I write this, I am sitting next to one of the beautifully decorated trees at the ASU Institute building...and it's made me realize some things as my pictures were uploading...

1) I need something for the top of my tree!! This tree has a huge bow on top that trails down and is all interwoven throughout the tree. It's lovely! I at least need a star or something...

2) Tree skirt=better. This tree just has a green sheet around the bottom and it looks good! Gotta remember that...sheet. Got it.

Well, I'll fill you in on the updates I make. For now, I love my tree!!!

Merry Christmas!

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