Monday, November 9, 2009

OH BOT: The Saga Ends

I go to the doctor every week now.

We are friends.

At least, we are USUALLY friends.

But when I go in on Thursday and Doctor tells me he wants me to have an ultrasound at the HOSPITAL on Friday because he thinks my baby and I are just too dang small, well, our friendship suffers.

And then when the hospital can't get us in until Monday for whatever silly scheduling reason, my friendship with the hospital suffers too.

I'm just losing friends, here.

I worried all weekend. Of course I did. Wouldn't you be worried if the doctor decided you needed yet another ultrasound? Even though you've already had an extra one because you were too small? And even though that extra one went just fine? And even though the doctor said that, more likely than not, it's just a small baby?

Well, I was worried.

So we went to the hospital today to have our ultrasound done by a fancy-schmancy hospital ultrasound technician.

Want to know what she found out?

1) My baby, once and for all, is NOT too small. Baby weighs about 7 pounds 2 ounces as of today. All the measurements maybe set me back about 4 days or so, but that's negligible.

2) Baby is sitting low and coming high. Head is way way down in my pelvis and bum is way up in my ribs.

3) Baby is a girl.

Yeah, read it again. I had to.

Baby is a GIRL.

Not a boy.


No boy.


Boy? No. Girl? Yes.

It's a girl.

Ultrasound lady was sure. At least, sure enough to bet her next paycheck on it. It was like, not even a question in her mind.

This has created the need for some serious mind rewiring in the past couple hours.

Not that we're not thrilled - my baby is healthy! - but it's just...not what was expected!

It is quite a difficult concept to grasp.

Girl. Girl. Girl girl girl.

Girl is a weird word.


I have some clothes to exchange.

Thankfully, the nursery will work either way. P.S. I got bedding for the nursery (finally) and am totally and completely in love with it. The decor is proceeding quite nicely. I will have to show you pictures someday.

For today, my mind is shifting from blue to pink. Right now we're kind of in a weird purple-y stage.

So hopefully my OH BOT saga is over. I mean, this baby had better be a girl now. If a boy pops out, well, I might just have some kind of mental explosion.

Which would be unfortunate.

5 days until the due date! Any guesses as to when our little princess will arrive?


  1. Ha ha! I'm glad it's a girl because you had such cool dreams about her.

    Don't be weirded out if I doorbell ditch a gift this week.

  2. hahahaha this could only happen to you!! how fun though! congrats!

  3. I'm sorry, but that is too funny! I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it too, that could be traumatic so close to the due date. Have you thought of any girl names yet?

  4. Oops, I can't believe I forgot to log out and in again. That above comment was from me. Sorry!

  5. oh no!! That is so crazy!!!!!!!!!! man, I can understand how they mix up a girl for a boy..but how did they think they saw the man package that wasn't there? I cannot wait to see what comes out :-)

  6. Lucky for you, I've got lots of cute girl blankets ready to go. I'll drop some by:)
    I think girls are the best!

  7. Oh BOT! Man that is rough, I love your sense of humor and your ability to bounce back during hard, or unexpected times. Can't wait to see Katie Jr. :)

  8. that's crazy! you would think that an ultrasound technician would have told you that 4 months ago!! As for being small i was worried too when i was pregnant w/ scott b/c i didn't get very big, but b/c my doc knew me said that my baby would be no more than 7 lbs, well he weighed just barely under 7. Good luck, you will only really know for sure when that baby comes out. :)

  9. I promise on all that is important to me, you will love having a girl first. They are oh so snuggley.

    But boys are cute too, of course.

    Congratulations and good luck pushing that hefty baby out.

    Can't wait to see pictures.

  10. congrats on the news of a girl - if she is indeed a girl - they are wonderful! i can take pictures for you this week, i left a note on your facebook. if you would rather do newborn pics that's fine too!

    cherish these last few days being pregnant - they are fun. i remember driving past the hospital several weeks after addison was born and wanting to do the whole delivery over again. sounds crazy right? it was such a special time - i bet you will feel the same.


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