Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dam Jenna

If any of you have ever made the drive from Arizona to Utah, you'll know that you have to pass over the Glen Canyon Dam.

And if you've ever driven over a dam, you've probably made a dam joke.

You know what I'm talking about....the dam Visitor's Center, the dam tourists, the dam tour guide, dam pictures, etc.


on our trip to Utah earlier this month, we were driving over the dam and snickering at the dam wordplay.

"Watch out for all these dam tourists on the road!"

"Anyone need to use the bathroom? We could stop at the dam visitor's center!"

And so on. So hilarious.

Just as we were crossing the dam, my sister Sarah's phone rang. It was our other sister, Jenna. While I was obviously not a participating member of the conversation, I still got the idea, and have reconstructed said conversation here:

S: Hi Jenna.
J: Hi Sarah. How's the drive?
S: Good.
J: Where you guys at?
S: Just driving over the dam.
J: Oh really? Cool. Well I'm calling to see if I can borrow your dam car. (She was no doubt chuckling at her cleverness.)
S: .....
J: .....
S: Jenna, you can't say -
J: But I need to borrow your car! Are you still at the dam? Where are your dam keys?
S: Jenna! Just because we're at the dam doesn't mean you can put "dam" in front of everything!
J: Oh. Well, can I borrow your car?

Bahahahaha. I sort of thought this was hilarious.

But perhaps you have to know my lovely sister Jenna to really appreciate it. You know, the girl who was sure that the phrase "might as well" was actually "mineaswell" (one word), who was convinced that she was stuck in an elevator before realizing (after 15 minutes) that she hadn't pushed the button, and who asked if a football game would still be considered an "upset" if everyone was happy about it.

Those are just some of my favorite Jenna-isms. I just love her to pieces.



  1. So funny! Guess what. My sisters are Jenna and Sara too! Do you have brothers named Daniel, David, and Michael? :)

  2. our family loves driving over dams! we do the same thing! we love to talk about the dam traffic and the wonderful dam things. :)

    too funny! i'm glad we aren't the only ones.

  3. This is awesome. So funny. Love you Jenna!

  4. Oh my gosh, katie..I was laughing pretty hard when I read this. Oh Jenna...

  5. we are huge fans of the dam jokes... my sister and yours sound pretty similar ;) we have a long standing joke that we "scared the dam out of amy" when we were there she was afraid to look over the edge. she was just barely creeping over one toe at a time to the edge and was still like 3 feet away and my brother ran up and scared her...she freaked out. had to be there, but still funny :)


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