Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess what I just found out.

Remember how Baby Girl is due August 8?

Keep that in mind.

With that in mind, see what you think about this:

My Pre-K student teaching is during the second summer term at ASU (this is the only time it's offered). This is from July 5 to August 5.

And may I quote: "This is a full-time field experience, so you need to plan accordingly."

{It might be a little late for that.}

Also, since I'll be done with school, the student health insurance that I'm on will go bye-bye on August 15 (happy birthday to me).

In summary:

No early baby. No late baby. 10 day window, baby.

Thank you, that is all.


  1. Whew! Good luck with that! How was Maddie on her exit timing?

  2. That sounds like it was perfect planning! Now we'll find out how obedient this baby is:)

  3. Maddy actually came at 5 am on her due date. She was very punctual. Hopefully her little sister takes after her!

  4. wow you run a tight ship!! I hope every thing goes as planed.

  5. My birthday is August 7...I don't mind sharing by the way! ;)


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