Saturday, December 31, 2011

35 Things 2012: Ideas

(see my general tips here)

So, as promised, here's a list of possible "things to do" next year. This is just the list I've been keeping on my phone, jotting down any and all ideas as they've come to me. I'll probably end up using some of these and will probably come up with some different ones.

Some of them are pretty general; you'll have to add in the specifics on your own to make it what you want. Hopefully this list helps - even if it just gets you thinking!

Grow (something)
Learn a new song on an instrument you play
Run (a certain distance)
Have (x) vegetarian meals a week/month
Have a vegetarian month
Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen for a (month)
Try a new exercise
Try a new food
Wear a different color
Wear a trend you love but didn't think you could pull off (e.g. skinny jeans, a scarf, red lipstick)
Learn the rules of (x sport)
Play (x sport)
Take a (x) class
Create something to display in your home
Spending freeze
Eating out freeze
Clean/organize/wash a closet/cabinet/shelf/room
Save up for (x)
Try a new restaurant
Dance/sing in public
Read (x) books
Read a specific book (if there's one you've always wanted to read)
Read (x #) of books over (x #) of pages
Create a (meal, cleaning, activity) calendar every month
Candy/soda fast
Give up a TV show
Get up or go to bed at a certain time for a month
Get a facial/mani/pedi
Get a haircut
Try a home remedy
Try no-shampoo or oil cleansing
Start taking vitamins
Save up to buy something you want
Day of pampering
Donate to (x)
Make your own dish washing detergent, laundry soap, cleaning solutions
Work at the temple or cannery
Find a name to take to the temple
Be diligent about date night for a month
Read every article in every ensign
Throw a party
Plan (and execute) your perfect date night at home
Find your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe
Make tortillas from scratch
Visit a family member/friend you haven't seen in a while
Have a missionary discussion in your home
Be completely punctual for a month
Memorize a hymn, scripture, or poem you love (or several)
Get a fun appliance/pan for your kitchen
do (x #) of things from pinterest
Facebook fast
Have a formal date night
One day a month with no internet
Play all the hymns in the hymn book
Go ice skating
Go mini golfing
Visit a temple out of state
Pay for someone's food at the drive thru
Clean the dishwasher
Redecorate (a room)


  1. Thanks for the ideas and advice. I've started my list, but ths helps me finish it!

  2. Awesome list. I can't wait to see yours! Happy New Year!!

  3. Awesome! I'm stealing a bunch of these ideas (and some from your 2011 list, too!). Hopefully I can keep up with my list as well as you did this year.

  4. You've got some good ideas on that list. I hope you don't mind that I copy you a little but I'm made a 35 things list for this year. We'll see how it goes.


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