Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something old, something new, yada yada yada

Something old:

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I bought this beauty on Craigslist in early April, and took my sweet time refinishing it into...

something new:

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This now lives in our (newly redone, thanks to my 35 things) guest bathroom, where it holds things like swim towels, extra toilet paper, extra soap, etc. Our home is seriously lacking in useful storage space, so I'm pretty much always trying to find solutions. We had a little shelf thing in the bathroom that was nice, but just wasn't cutting it size-wise (oh, p.s. I'm selling that little shelf thing on Craigslist now; if you live by me you can have it for $15. Click here to see it). And I had a hard time finding something that would fit well in that bathroom space and looked just like I wanted it to, so I figured I'd just find something with the right design and fix it up myself.

It wasn't too hard, and it was actually somewhat therapeutic to work on something that had nothing to do with diapers, toys, or applesauce in a pouch. The most frustrating thing about it was just finding time to work on it. If you look too closely, you'll definitely see some imperfections, but I'm generally happy with how it turned out, and I'm VERY happy with the storage it's added. It's cleared up space in our other bathroom cabinets, and there's still plenty of unused room in it. Ah, the possibilities. 

Sticking with our theme, let's move on to something borrowed:

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This story begins two weeks ago, when I was feeling relieved that I had survived another grocery trip with my girlies. Everything was loaded up, everyone was buckled in, we had pulled out of our parking spot, and we were just about to zoom ahead to the rest of the day's possibilities when -- THUNK. Yep, I'm going with thunk. That's what it sounded like when the big white truck backed into my driver's side door, obviously not scratching the big white trunk, but leaving a lovely dent in the side of my beloved Mickey (that's my car, FYI). Mickey was still drivable, but definitely needed some work done, so this week he is hanging out at "the shop," as Maddy says, and we're driving a practically new Elantra around. It's a pretty sweet ride, but obviously not as sweet as Mickey...even with the probably better A/C and the XM radio...

Which brings us to something blue.

Which I don't have.

Speaking of weddings, it's our anniversary on Thursday! 4 years! Par-tay!


  1. The cabinet is beautiful! I LOVE white furniture, and I love repainted furniture even more. Good job! Sorry about your car.

  2. Wow, that turned out really great! I agree with finding time to do things un-related to kids. I dream of time like that!

  3. Katie, you should be so proud! That cabinet looks amazing! I want to see it with everything inside, all organized and such.

    I agree about the never having time to work on projects like that. I have a few that have been sitting in the garage for over a year, which is why it is on my goal list for this year :)

  4. Super awesome cabinet! Way to go!


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