Thursday, June 21, 2012

To remind you that I have another kid, too.

Some things about Maddy at 2 1/2 that I want to remember forever:

She has an amazing memory. I mean, it's unreal. Girlfriend could be an honorary elephant.

When she walks on the tile or laminate floors in our house, she slaps her feet down with each step so it's as loud as possible.

She is very polite. I do occasionally have to remind her, but she's usually good about it.

She had an AWFUL first week of swimming lessons, but now loves to swim, and claims to be either a whale or a mermaid when she's swimming.

When something's cold, she'll often say "It's really, really, kinda cold!" and then she'll shiver.

She loves to be the one to "get Charly" when Charly wakes up. She'll go open the door really slowly and say "Chaaaaaaawy!" and then they both start laughing and my heart explodes.

She loves to dance and has lately been requesting that we turn on music to dance to rather than a movie/show to watch (YES).

We bought a big box of the colored goldfish crackers, and whenever I give her some, she picks out all the red ones first and then asks for more.

She calls everything "special special," e.g. "Can I have some special special drink?" or "Look! It's my special special potty prize!"

She doesn't like to be told no, and will often ask the same question over and over (and over and over) looking for a different response.

She loves to open up my computer and take pictures of herself. Here's one of her latest:

I sure love her.


  1. I love it!!! She sure seems like a special special girl;)

  2. He he. What a cutie. Who knew you had two kids? I'm glad she loves swim now; we are getting better too.


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