Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For the love of Sprouts

I'm pretty much exclusively a Walmart shopper. I know. I KNOW, OKAY?!

But it's just undeniably cheaper. I can't tear myself away from the undeniable cheapness of Walmart.

Except for a special occasion or two. Usually when I need a whole lotta produce or a strange ingredient that Walmart doesn't sell (e.g. fontina cheese. No fontina cheese at Walmart. Or pancetta. I'll stop now).

And on the special-ist of special occasions, or when I'm just needing a little farmer's market in my life, I head to Sprouts. I love going to Sprouts. Every time I go I swear I'm going to go more regularly. And then I don't. But anyway...

My latest reason for going to Sprouts was to find honeycrisp apples. Have you ever had honeycrisp apples? They are sweet, crisp bits of heaven, let me tell you. And I can only find them (or good ones, at least) during apple season, which just happens to be now.

So during my last grocery trip, honeycrisps were definitely on my list.

Except Walmart didn't have them.
And Fry's didn't have any unbruised ones. Apparently Fry's shoppers know about da honeycrisp goodness.
And Target (who sells honeycrisps by the bag) was all out.

And so I got to go to Sprouts! And let's be honest, I should have gone there from the beginning.


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They were all pretty. And I ate one on the way home. Not really, but I seeeeeriously considered it.

But that's not the end of the magic trick yet. (Name that movie.)

Something else caught my eye at Sprouts. Behold:

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I know they look like purple yogurt pretzels. In fact, they are purple yogurt pretzels. But what else makes them special, you ask? Um, hi, they are RASPBERRY FLAVORED. 

And they are marvelous. They were gone in a very short amount of time. Like, it was ridiculous.

So basically I need to go back to Sprouts. My shopping list might only be two items long, but I'll probably walk out with several pounds of food.

And I will not be ashamed. 


  1. There is no shame in Walmart shopping. It's cheap! So the last time I went to Sprouts (a few days before Connor was born) I only bought an 8 lb bag of craisins. They have the best craisins there--everywhere else is sweetened too much. So its okay to only have 2 things on your list. Totally acceptable.

  2. I'm a sprout's believer. LOVE the produce and love the bulk and those pretzel's rock. yummmmm!

  3. oops...that last comment is actually from Elyse...

  4. Love Sprouts. I bought myself some dark chocolate covered pretzels yesterday. Yum. And their meat is so much tastier than anywhere else and their sale prices are good.

  5. Oooo those sound so good right now. Maybe this calls for a lunch trip to Sprouts in the near future???


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