Friday, October 5, 2012

Today is the kind of day...

...when I have cabin fever, but nowhere I really need to go.

...when the mirror is telling me I weigh twice what the scale says.

...when I seriously NEED my house to be clean, but have almost no motivation to actually clean it.

...when even harmless comments put me on edge, and occasionally push me over it.

...when I do completely irrational things in the name of improving my mood, e.g. buying Arby's for lunch when there are perfectly good leftovers in the fridge.

...when I feel so restless I could go run a marathon jog around the block, but I also feel like being lazy and reading in bed all day.

...when having 101 Dalmatians on repeat is actually helping my sanity, rather than threatening it.

Guess it's just a wrong side of the bed kind of day. Just keepin' it real, y'all.


  1. Katie This is exactly the kind of day I had today only it was chic fil a and special agent oso. Must be something to do with the moon.

  2. That describes my feelings yesterday perfectly. Glad to know I wasn't alone :)

  3. I feel like half of the time I have these days. I really want them to stop...

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