Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A post with a lot of pictures

I am not super awesome at posting pictures...normally.

But today is not a normal day.

Today is....iPhone photo dump day! (And the crowd goes wild!)

So here are a few tidbits from our life lately:

{My sister's new baby girl, Hadley Jo}

{My girls and me with Hadley}

{My other sister's baby, Zachary Adam. These babies were 26 hours apart and both weighed 7 lbs 5 oz! Also, my sisters are rockstars at the baby having stuff.}

{Dallin brought this home for me one night, because he's da bomb dot com}

{Maddy showing off her cute boots}

{Charly loves the iPad. Also, I straightened her hair one day. It was curly again after naptime.}

{One time I was doing laundry and went to change the clothes from the washer to the dryer only to discover that I had never put the clothes in the washer. I then took a picture of the empty washer...for some reason.}

 {Maddy got to go on a special date with Daddy a few days before her birthday.}

{Maddy turned 3! We had a movie-themed party, complete with a red carpet, popcorn boxes, theater candy, and this Grauman's Chinese Theater handprint cake which didn't quite turn out super well but whatever!}

{Enjoying a couple new presents at once -- the drum and the dress up high heels}

{One of my very bestest friends got married! Please ignore my hunchbacked appearance in this photo. PLEASE}

So, there you go. Proof that I do document my life every now and then. I would post more pictures on here more often, but I feel like Blogger does everything in its power to stop me. Why am I still using Blogger? I need to get on WordPress. If only I knew someone that knew how to use it...*

*This is a joke. My husband knows WordPress inside and out. Unfortunately, every time I try to figure it out, I end up wanting to rip my hair out. 


  1. You need to blog more. I miss your guts and have to live vicariously through your posts.

  2. Blogger does not want you to post pictures. Windows Live Writer, however, does. That's what I use now and it has been awesome.

    And I'm sorry, I can't ignore the hunchback photo. I am giggling about it even now...

  3. I LOVE your cake! I think it is adorable. And I am going to steal your idea. :)


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