Monday, March 3, 2014

Closet quiz taker

Can we all just agree that personality quizzes are kinda the best? I mean, I don't know why finding out which root vegetable you are most like brings a certain amount of clarity to life, but I'll be darned if it doesn't!

As much as I love my quizzes, though, I try to stick to a strict "no over-sharing" policy on Facebook. I mean, this might be hard to believe, but not everyone necessarily cares all that much about my alternate identities.

But my blog readers do, for sure. Right?! Of course, right.

And so it is born -- the verifiable dump of quiz results. Enjoy -- this is as deep into my soul as you may ever see.

I got: Rapunzel
This description doesn't fit me at all. I'm actually a happily settled-down, non-adventurous introvert, but whatever.

I got: Frosted Flakes
Yeah, okay. Positivity. Cool. 

I got: Topanga

I got : Dumbledore
Because Dumbledore is the best.

I got: Lady Sybil
She's so my favorite. But let's be honest, she's way cooler than me. I'm probably Edith in real life.

I got: Georgia
The funny thing is that I had a hard time answering some of these questions, so I took it a couple times and answered in different ways....and I got the same result! I do like peaches. And Coke. 

I got: Jiminy Cricket
Haha -- "combination of easygoing and skeptical" actually describes me pretty well. Also, fun fact: did you know that Pinocchio actually kills the cricket in the original story? Okay, that fact isn't fun. 

I got: Peeta
Yeah, I can see this. I also love bread, so... obviously. 

I got: Garamond
Which apparently means I'm regal and stuck up? 

I got: You use your brain equally.
Correction: I use my brain enough to know that 56 and 44 aren't equal. But whatever, man. It's your quiz.

So, am I the only closet quiz taker out there? Any memorable results you'd like to share?


  1. I don't take quizzes normally, but I was curious about the brain one. And your correction made me laugh out loud. I also use my brain "equally".

  2. Ha ha. He killed the cricket?!

  3. Haha I love this. I take these quizzes all the time but never post them mostly because I am embarrassed by the results! i.e.- Apparently I am most like Anna from Downton Abbey and she is easily one of my LEAST favorite characters! Now I want to know what cereal I am though...


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