Tuesday, March 24, 2015

20 weeks

20 weeks down, 20 to go!

Just thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what this pregnancy is like for me right now, since I haven't really documented it at all and someone, somewhere might actually want to know (even if it's just future me).

Due date: August 11 (all my measurements have been right on for this, so it hasn't changed!)

Weight gain: Approximately 10 pounds. Possibly 11 since I just ate some In-n-Out for lunch. My belly has definitely perma-popped and my belly button is fighting to stay an innie.

Baby size: According to my tracker app, "Baby is now about the size of a Belgian endive." (And I'm like....riiiiight.)

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good. Not proportionately to how tired I am, but whatever. I already get up at least once to pee. On a positive note, I'm finally enough of a grownup that I can pee in the middle of the night without turning on the light! No applause necessary.

Sickness: The continual sickness has ceased --thank goodness-- but every once in a while I get a weird wave of nausea that hits hard and fast, and hangs around for a while. The best way to keep it at bay is to eat pretty consistently throughout the day, but I have to eat just the right amount. And if I start to feel sick, it's over. It's a pretty delicate balance. My body is pretty picky this time around.

Aches/pains: Speaking of my picky body, it's just not really capable of handling much this time around. Everything is apparently much looser and weaker when you're on your fourth pregnancy, which equals everything being much achier, much faster. I can't be on my feet long without feeling pain from the waist down. #everythingisawesome No back pain yet, though, which has been the bane of my existence during my other pregnancies.

Cravings: My two consistent cravings have been: (1) sourdough bread (lightly toasted with butter. YUM) and (2) sour candy (the sour-er the better. Most things aren't sour enough). But it's not like those things taste good all the time, and there are plenty of other things that I want pretty badly, pretty often (helllllo, dark chocolate). My big anti-craving has been pizza. Ugh. No matter where it's from, it's always too greasy and while I can stomach eating it, it makes me feel so gross afterwards. Not cool, since pizza is obviously delicious and convenient.

Random: We just found out last week that we're having a baby GIRL, which the girls are both thrilled about, since, according to them, "We already have a baby boy." Baby girls are so fun in so many ways, so we're excited! She mostly cooperated during her ultrasound, but apparently the tech was unable to get very good angles on her head, so we're having to schedule another ultrasound in 6 weeks to hopefully get a better look. Also, she's a total wiggle worm! I feel her move way more often than I was feeling Parker at this point. That's easily my favorite part of pregnancy, so I'm loving it.

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