Tuesday, April 28, 2015

25 weeks

First of all, you're welcome for sparing you the tedium of a weekly pregnancy update post.

I mean, props to you if you're into that sort of thing...but at the rate that this pregnancy is flying by (aka the speed of light), the weeks kind of blur together. So even this update -- a whole 5 weeks (!!!) after my last one -- feels a little superfluous.

But inquiring minds must know, and so I will tell you how my pregnancy is going at 25 weeks.

Due date: Still August 11. We're consistent like that.

Weight gain: Approximately 17 pounds. Apparently gaining 7 pounds in one month is frowned upon, even in pregnancy. I got a little "just so you're aware" lecture from my nurse practitioner at my last appointment, and then I went home and ate my feelings. My feelings strongly resemble Oreos.

Baby size: According to my tracker app, "Baby is now about the size of a rutabaga." Maybe someday they'll reference a food I've actually eaten. Like a Costco hotdog.

Sleep: I'm exhausted. Now, 3 hours ago, 8 hours from now, all day tomorrow -- exhausted. Always. But I still am sleeping pretty well. I fall asleep much faster than usual, which is great.

Sickness: I think I'm past this for good. Maybe we'll even take this category away for the next update! The only time I really feel sick is after a heavy meal. Lighter foods agree with me way more. Or just less food in general. I've actually skipped dinner several times because I'm just not hungry, and I know that if I eat when I'm not hungry, it'll make me sick.

Aches/pains: My back has given me a couple nasty twinges in the past couple weeks, but nothing major yet. My (ahem) pelvic area and inner thighs hurt pretty frequently though, leading me to strongly suspect something like SPD. I got a super sexy support band to help out with that. I don't have to wear it all the time, but on bad days, it's really a lifesaver. And it's super sexy. I know I already said that, but it's really worth mentioning twice.

Cravings: Ha, still all the sour things! Sourdough bread and sour candy -- particularly these heavenly sour punch straw rainbow things, which are all kinds of delicious:

I would tell you all about how I can eat a whole pack of these in one sitting, but I'd hate to embarrass you.

I'll also never say no to some good french fries or a chocolate chip cookie...but that's pretty much par for my entire life, so I'm not sure those count as "cravings." It still helps to have that card to play though ("Oh man, a chocolate chip cookie from Paradise sounds SOOOO GOOD...No, we don't have to go...Are you sure?...Oh, okay then!")

And just so you don't think I'm sitting around spoon feeding myself artificially colored high-fructose corn syrup and nothing else, I'll have you know that I've also craved Asian salads, of all things. Pei Wei, I salute you.

Random: I hate to say it, but you guys...peeing. About a week ago, the frequency of this activity went from a little bit funny to really not funny. The plus side of this is that it might have something to do with the fact that I'm really focusing on drinking a ton of water (at least a ton for me). But seriously though -- I have now Googled "is there such a thing as peeing too much when pregnant?" which knocked my dignity down a few notches.

I'm also really focusing on exercise. I'm in generally terrible shape, especially when it comes to cardio, so I've just been trying to do pretty simple toning workouts. They've been awesome, though! Even that little bit of a workout seems to give me an energy and morale boost, and I'm starting to be able to do less modified versions of the exercises as I've been getting stronger. Go me!

One more thing in the "random" category: emotions. Holy guacamole. My hormones have just given up any and all efforts to help me act and think like a normal person. I cry, I get angry, I'm happy, I shut down, I get depressed, I'm loving life, I'm proud of myself, I get pissed at Dallin, I love Dallin more than anything in the world...and then it's time to get out of bed. But seriously. It all happens very quickly and very intensely. My poor, poor husband -- who, by the way, handles it more gracefully than you would think possible. Man, I love him.

So, there you have it -- 25 weeks down! It boggles my mind to think that a whole new person is going to be joining our family in just 3 short months. But I'm excited to meet you, baby girl!


  1. So where do you get your sour punch straws? They are quite possibly my all time favorite candy and I used to only find them at the 99 cent store. But now they're gone! You indeed must eat the whole thing at once, there is no other way.

    1. You can get this specific kind at Target! In fact, they're on Cartwheel right now, so stock up. :)


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