Monday, June 1, 2015

Trying New Things: May 2015

June, already? Dang, 2015, you're just flying by, aren't you?

I've been enjoying doing monthly reviews of new products I try each month (here's March's post and here's April's). Mostly I just love trying new things and sharing them with you guys!

(No affiliate links, provided products, or sponsored reviews in this post, because c'mon, I'm not that big of a deal. Just stuff that I wanted to try out and talk about with my friends!)

First up, let's talk dry shampoo. This month I tried out a new one: Batiste.

You use dry shampoo, right? Good, because it's a lifesaver. I have thick hair that tends to be on the frizzy side, but my roots get oily fairly quickly so the top of my hair can look greasy and weighed down, which is no bueno.

Dry shampoo is the solution. It absorbs oil and adds lift and texture to your hair so that you can go longer between washings -- because really, I'm pretty sure part of the American dream involves only washing your hair once a week.

But anyway, if you've ever Googled "best dry shampoo," it's likely you've come across Batiste. This brand has quite the reputation, and I'm happy to report that after trying it out, I can see why!

I liked my last dry shampoo (it's this Not Your Mother's one and it's great if you want an even cheaper option), but the Batiste outperformed it. Noticeably. It packs a punch when you first put it on, meaning you don't have to use much to get good results. But the real wow factor is how long it lasts in my hair. I can feel the texture it gives even at the end of the day.

Batiste's website (which is worth a visit if only to laugh at the cheesy model shot with the unmoving face and the flowy hair) says it's available at Target and Walmart, but I couldn't find it at either of those places. I got mine at CVS for about $9. Try it out!

Next, NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Shaper.

Everyone knows how important it is for your eyebrows to be on fleek nowadays. Everyone also knows that "on fleek" is a made up phrase that means absolutely nothing and makes you sound silly. 

My biggest problem with my brows is that they grow long. And they start to curl. Which is weird. Trimming with scissors is obviously an option... but a much less desirable one now that I've accidentally trimmed my LASHES at the same time. (That is a true story and it's still too soon to talk about it. Shudder.)

So after some quick research, I decided to give this little $8 wax pencil a shot. Where have you been all my life, little $8 wax pencil?!

I tried to get you a before and after shot of my brows, but wow, that's difficult. So you'll just have to trust me when I say that this tames my long, curly eyebrows. They stay put all day. And I love the pencil format: it's easy to control and I don't get wax on my fingers. Plus it helps my brow powder stay on as well, so I can get the more natural look of powder, but with added staying power. 

Two thumbs up for this one!

And finally, because you should have known that you weren't getting through this post without it, S'mores Oreos. Or S'moreos, depending on how creative/awesome you're feeling. 

I bought these because S'MORES. OREOS.

Now, Dallin thinks these are close-your-eyes-and-savor-it level of good. I'm slightly less enthusiastic. I mean, don't get me wrong -- they're fantastic. The cookie has a good graham cracker flavor to it, and the cream is as delicious as the classic cream, with a slightly different flavor. 

But if I'm being picky, the cream's flavor isn't really distinct enough to make it hugely different from a classic Oreo. I only get a hint of chocolate and not really any marshmallow, so that's kind of disappointing. Plus they have kind of a weird aftertaste...but that can always be avoided by just eating another one, right? Either way, it didn't stop me from buying a second package after the first was gone.

I'd say, if you're an Oreo fan, you'll like these, and they're definitely worth trying. If you're all about the s'more and not the Oreo as much, you'll probably be let down. 

Now I need to try the cotton candy ones...

And that'll do it for May! Anyone else tried anything new and share-worthy lately?


  1. Love these posts! I'm ordering that dry shampoo for sure.

    1. Thanks, Jenna! And good luck with the Batiste. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me!

  2. Wow did you read my mind? I needed to know about all of these products. Thanks for being the guinea pig on this one.

    1. Glad I could help. This post is now dedicated to you. :)


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