Monday, October 13, 2008

long time, no blog

Don't worry about the fact that September just didn't happen on this blog. It's an overrated month anyway.

For those of you that just HAFTA know what school. work. church. sleep. eat. repeat.

Happy, September lovers?

And now, on to the present.

School is ongoing and tireless, but actually pretty interesting. Dallin always has some new fun fact about the mysteries of the world to share from his biology class. If you want to know how deserts are made or how bees communicate the location of food, he's your man. I, for one, have been introduced to some...interesting... new short stories in one of my classes, and to some...interesting... italian films in another. And I've had the chance to write a bit on some fun subjects, which is always good. I have a couple online classes but I've got plenty of free time in between my on campus classes, so I get most of it taken care of then.

In honor of another recent experience I have had, I concocted a little something. Enjoy!

Katie hates big tests that cause stress. However, Katie loves Double Stuf Oreos. The LSAT is a big test that causes stress. However, you are allowed to take Double Stuf Oreos into the LSAT testing room.

The above statements, if true, most strongly support which of the following conclusions?

A) If Katie takes Double Stuf Oreos into the LSAT testing room, then she will enjoy the LSAT.
B) Even if Katie does take Double Stuf Oreos into the LSAT testing room, she will still fail the LSAT miserably.
C) Katie will eat Double Stuf Oreos in large amounts before and after taking the LSAT.
D) Double Stuf Oreos have no impact on a student's LSAT score, otherwise they would not be allowed in the testing room.
E) Katie should not have taken the LSAT. What a dumb idea.

Choose your answer. I'll tell you in three weeks if you were right.

This is what I subjected myself to. I took the LSAT last weekend. And yes, I did take Double Stuf (yep, one F. I checked the pack in my pantry) Oreos into the testing center with me for my break-time snack. Unfortunately, none of the questions dealt with Oreos, no matter what amount of stuffing, or maybe I'd be feeling better about the whole thing. But it's OVER, which brings me immense relief. Now I just have to wait for three weeks (well, two now) to see my score, and that brings me immense anxiety. *Sigh*

In other news, I got a new job! I'm now a teller at Bank of America. It's great...other than the fact that there are a million things to learn that I feel like everyone expects me to already know. And the fact that I could get robbed at any moment. And the fact that the branch I'm at is forever away. And the fact that everyone hates the manager. And the fact that the stupid vacation rules just might ruin our wonderful holiday plans. And the fact that I have to wear stupid business clothes (and SHOES) that are crazy uncomfortable. But you know, other than that...great.

Yeah, yeah, whine whine. I still have hope for the bank though. Everyone there says they hated it when they first started too, so hey, maybe it'll turn out all right (skeptical noise/face).

Well, guess that about covers it. We're going to Disneyland this weekend with another couple in our ward (I know, right...again? I love it there), and we're still nailing down Halloween plans...and costumes...ideas? Last year Dallin was an interactive Facebook (you could write on his wall) and I was interactive Sudoku (you could fill in a number). Best *cough* last minute *cough* costumes ever, right? How will we top them?


p.s. Also, we know ASU football sucks. We really don't have to talk about it. Sadness.

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