Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Story

Disclaimer: If you are a woman who has ever been upset with her husband for anything related to his lack of cuteness, creativity, or thoughtfulness, DO NOT READ. I will not be responsible for renewed marriage troubles. Disclaimer over.

Do I ever stop writing about how amazing my husband is? Why no, thanks for asking.

Tomorrow, the 13th day of February in the year of our Lord 2009, marks the 1 year anniversary of me and The Precious. Here is a picture of us:

This was our "Be hard core" picture. Oh, aren't we cute?!

Here is the story of how The Precious and I came to be together.

I was at work on a typical Wednesday, when my manager informed me I would be leaving early. Woo hoo! No arguments there. I called my studly boyfriend Dallin on my way home, and he suggested we make the most of the extra time to hang out a bit. We had been dating for a few months, and were very much in love, you see. So I hurried over to his place.

We were there for a little while when Dallin got a phone call. He got off the phone and said he had to go out to the East Valley to pick something up for work. He asked me if I would like to come along. I say sure.

So we drive. We go pick up a CD or brochure or something, and start making our way back. This route brought us in the general area of Falcon Field airport. Dallin started talking (again) about how awesome it would be to get a pilot's license. He talks about this a lot. Being where we were, he suggested we stop in somewhere so he could get some more info about how to go about fulfilling this dangerous dream. I thought this was a silly idea (mostly because I don't approve of this dream), but he really wanted to, so we did.

We choose a "random" place, go inside, and Dallin starts talking to an instructor and student there. I walk around and check the place out while their talking dollars and hours and whatever else. As we're about to leave, the guy says "You know, we were just about to take a quick practice flight up to Sedona. There's room if you guys want to ride along." Dallin had class. I had homework. I was terrified. We said sure.

The plane didn't start right away. How does it feel to be sitting in a plane that won't start right away? It feels like you don't want to be sitting in a plane that won't start right away. I was about to voice as much when we got the thing running. And we flew! It was beautiful. Scary. Loud. But beautiful.

We landed in Sedona, and it was cold! Dallin had brought his sweatshirt, and I put it on. The pilot said he was going to go visit a friend up there real quick, so we had half an hour or so to do as we wished. We went for a walk. We went to this beautiful lookout that we had visited when we went to Sedona when we first started dating.

The sun was setting. I was holding the hand of the boy I loved. The boy I loved laughed.

"So do you know why we came here?"


"You getting off work early. Us having to go pick something up at Andrew's. A pilot just randomly offering us a flight..."


"I brought you here so I could ask you to be my wife."

I cried. He cried. Some random lady said "Say yes!" (I hate you, if you're reading this. Moment ruiner.)

"Will you marry me?"

I said yes. He didn't hear. He bent down to get something out of his shoe. Enter The Precious. It was tied to his shoelace. I didn't look at it. I put it on.

"So is that a yes?" (Told you he hadn't heard me)


We hugged. We kissed. We cried. We laughed. We called our families. My family was on their way up to meet us for dinner, which Dallin had arranged. I called my girlfriends and squealed. I finally looked at my ring.

We had not gone ring shopping. I wanted a surprise. Dallin had asked my best friend what I had wanted, and she helped him with some ideas. He picked it out on his own. The Precious fits me perfectly. It is the most perfect ring I have ever seen.

Dallin loves me like crazy. I couldn't tell you why. But The Precious reminds me every day that this incredible boy asked me to be with him for eternity.

That's my love story.


  1. That is so sweet! Who knew our home teacher was such a romantic? And that is HILARIOUS that you call it "the precious". Don't ever let it out of your sight! Don't let it anywhere near two-year-olds, and the precious will be yours forever. (Well maybe until death do you part) Congratulations!

  2. Hi guys! We’ve had some creepy stuff going on with our blog, and are going to go private. Could you email me your email address? I’ll send you an invite when I switch it. Thank you!

  3. Ha! Do you know how long he was ring shopping for you? I remember him searching on his lap top in class and showing me different options. I love you two. I'm glad you're my friends.

    And, this made me tear up a little.

  4. WOW! Probably the most romantic, sweetest proposal ever. His mama raised him right.


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