Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break = Time = Blog

Love Spring Break.

And you know, with my pending GRADUATION and all, this will actually be my lastest Spring Break ever. Henceforth, in devotion and future memoriam, I am capitalizing Spring Break even though I'm not sure if it is supposed to be capitalized or not. Spring Break!

Although...if you can believe it and promise not to hate...Dallin and I have kinda sorta already had a very Spring Break-ish vacay. Valentines Day weekend, my super-hubby surprised me with a trip to Cancun! CANCUN, people! Dallin's family had a trip to Cancun planned for a while, so we just decided to step right in and join them while they were there. This was not a mistake.

So...getting there is half the fun. Or so they say. Sometimes getting there is all the fun. Sometimes getting there is a very small part of the fun. And sometimes, getting there is not very much fun at all.

Being a girl who was about to be in Cancun for 3 days, I, of course, packed for about 7 days. So, also of course, I needed a big suitcase. It wasn't stuffed, thank you very much, but it was...pretty full. So we show up at the airport about 1 1/2 hours before our flight with my big suitcase, Dallin's little suitcase, my semi-large tote bag thing, and Dallin's backpack. 35 minutes later, we have made our way through the check in line, only to be told that we are 5 minutes too late to check any bags. I believe that was the airport lady's way of saying "Bah Humbug to Cancun!"

After a few minutes of frantic running around trying to find a way to get the big suitcase on the plane, Dallin came up with a solution that I found quite inconvenient at the time, but now recognize as brilliant. We go by the elevators, take everything out of the big suitcase, and somehow- somehow- cram it all into the small suitcase, backpack, and semi-large tote bag thing, all of which were already fairly full. We left anything with a substantial amount of liquid in it in the large suitcase, since we wouldn't be able to carry that stuff on. This required a tearful parting with my hairspray. It just hates being alone...

So what to do with the big suitcase containing only things with substantial amounts of liquid in them? Why, leave it on the baggage claim, of course! Honestly, I don't recommend doing this. I am surprised that an unlabeled, untagged suitcase hanging unclaimed around the airport was not carefully examined by someone wearing rubber gloves before it was burned. My mom just swung by the airport later in the day and picked it up. No biggie. Huh. Who knew?

So we made the flight! It was close, but dude, we were so on it.

I think I'll use this as a metaphor for my next sacrament meeting talk: If someone tells you you can't take your "baggage" on the flight to heaven, get rid of it and leave it on the baggage claim.

Yeah, it could use some work.

Trip details in next post. This one's long I gotta keep you coming back!

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  1. Man, I can't believe the bag was still there! Kinda makes you scared...knowing that a bad guy could've done the same thing and not have been noticed.
    I'm so glad you guys had a fun time and chance to get away.


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