Thursday, March 26, 2009


Please please please!

Stop saying "eck-scape." Or "eck-specially." But eck-specially "eck-scape."

It doesn't matter if you do now...we can look past that.

Just change your ways. Repentance is real, people.

The word is escape. E-S-C-A-P-E. There is no room between those first two letters for anything else. I mean really, doesn't adding the letters make it more awkward? "Eck-scape" is much harder to say than "escape."

I know the English language has a lot of pronunciation-related tricks up its sleeve, but this word is not one of them.

Hey- I'm not judging or anything. If you love love love saying that word that way, more power to you. Everyone...prefers...different things. I, for example, have no problem ending a sentence with a preposition. In fact, it is something I am quite fond of. HA! But seriously, I screw up too. We all have our quirks.

Just...try to control that particular quirk in front of me.



  1. Amen!! I have to agree with you. There is another word that gets annoyiong and that is Axs (asks) There is no x in ask. I here that a lot at work.

  2. This is great! You have no idea how much those words (or the misuse of them) annoy Alan. He appreciated this post too. Happy Friday!

  3. That just made my day. Burke LOVES to say eck-specially on purpose because he knows how much it truly drives me bonkers. I couldn't agree with you more about that particular pronunciation problem.


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