Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Case of the Disappearing Belly


One pregnant looking stomach.

Last seen: last night

Last seen with: Dallin and Katie

If you have any information, please contact us. We're not putting our phone number on the internet, duh. You're reading our blog. Contact us that way.

Ok but seriously...

I wake up, and my body looks like it doesn't even know what the word "pregnant" means, let alone that it has been experiencing it for 14 weeks.

But by bedtime, after a day's worth of eating and drinking, I look like this:

And even though I know this little pooch could still easily be interpreted as "Whoa. She's put on some pounds." instead of "Hey! A pregnant lady!" you gotta start somewhere.

Really, I'm ready for this come-and-go belly to become a perma-pooch. As it is, I end up just feeling really fat and bloated after I eat. Which is pretty annoying.

In other non-pregnancy news...we GRADUATED! Stay tuned for a post on that...I gotta get some pics from my mom's camera first.

But hey- it's summer! I love summer. Summer and I go waaaay back. It is a deep and abiding friendship that I can't wait to develop further this year.

Oh. Develop. My belly needs to do that.


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  1. Don't fret over the belly issue. I didn't even show until the 3rd trimester. :) One night you will go to bed w/ a flat stomach and wake up the next morning w/ the belly.


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