Thursday, June 18, 2009



Dallin and I go to get our ultrasound done yesterday.

We got there on time (fear #1 appeased).
The technician lady was not sick/absent for any other reason (fear #2 appeased).
All the equipment worked (fear #3 appeased).
The baby cooperated enough so that she could see the gender (fear #4 appeased).

Let's just say I was kind of expecting something to go wrong...and it didn't!

We told her that we wanted her to seal the "results" up in an envelope so we could open them at the big family party planned for that very reason. She did. And we didn't peek.

And when the moment FINALLY came, after eating lots of pink or blue sugar cookies and drinking pink or blue lemonade out of pink or blue cups and washing your hands with either the pink or blue soap in the bathroom (yes, my mother planned this party); and after waiting for everyone to arrive/get on the phone, and then for the video camera to be turned on, we opened the envelope....


there was a little picture of our little baby, with a caption that said....


No, really - this is what it said. It would be kind of pointless for me to put the picture up on here, because you really can't see much of anything except those words.

After a split, devastating second of thinking I was going to be giving birth to Wall-E, I realized that the "T" is, of course, right next to the "Y" on a keyboard, and anyone, except expert typer people like blogger typer people, could easily make such a mistake. Technician lady should blog.

To be sure, we looked at the other pictures.

And, indeed, our precious baby boy made himself known. And technician lady spelled "boy" right in the other captions.

I mean, you couldn't see anything very clearly...which is why I'm not going to put any pictures up here. You'd probably be like, "Um, sweetie, I don't think you're having a baby, let alone a boy..." so it wouldn't really make sense to post the pictures. Just trust me.

The poor little guy wasn't moving very much at the moment, so we didn't really get any awesome pictures.

But, our pictures are clearly labelled "boy"/"bot," and really, I can see where she's coming from. It's there, people, okay?!

Oh my goodness...I'm gonna have a SON!

He's going to be the biggest ASU football fan ever. Heck, he's going to be the best ASU football player ever.

Oh yeah, that's my boy.


  1. It's like a fake swear word. Bot! I like it.
    Hey, will you guys come eat dinner with us next week? We're practically neighbors. Check your schedule and I'll call you.

    Oh yeah, congratulations!

  2. Congrats guys!! I am so excited that you are having a bot ;)

  3. Hooray I am so excited for you and am glad you got to have such a fun family party! Love it!

  4. Yay for baby bots!!! I'm a humongo fan of starting a family with a boy. But umm...I would totally be the mom calling the ultrasound place to clarify that she meant boy. Makes for a good story though! Congrats!

  5. Ohhh... Congrats! I'm so so excited for you. Babies are fun despite all the horror stories moms will tell. Can't wait for you.


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