Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting on my nerves.

Or more appropriately, nerve.

My sciatic nerve, that is.

For the past several days, my day to day activities have been rudely interrupted by very sharp, excruciating pains in my lower back.

I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday. I'm not a complainer, but I complained. Or Dallin did. Doctor says it's very possible that baby is resting his cute little self on my sciatic nerve.

I say baby decided to string a bow with my sciatic nerve, and occasionally uses my butt for target practice. He shall be an olympic archer someday.

Trouble is, this pain is becoming more and more persistent, pretty much to the point where it is there all the time. Funny how you take little things like getting up or even just walking for granted! Suddenly, you're afraid to do either. And the world becomes a scary place.

Ibuprofen helps. Please don't freak out that I'm taking ibuprofen while I'm pregnant. My doctor said it's totally fine up until 32 weeks. I still take very small doses. I also still freak out a little bit. Then I remember that ibuprofen helps me walk. So I suck it up.

Anyway, baby's doing great! Good heartbeat, good growth. I can feel him moving quite often now. My weight gain is good, and I've even got a little belly to show for it. I took a picture...and I can't find the little cord thing to transfer said picture from camera to computer. So you'll have to imagine it.

Motherhood can't be any more painful than this right?

Wait...I take it back. I TAKE IT BACK!

Dang it, I think I just jinxed myself.


  1. I'm sorry your having pains. That's no fun.


    Yes you did just jinx yourself. Buckle up, your in for a ride.

  2. Sorry to hear about that. I totally feel your pain! Baby was doing that to me for about a month, but it has gone away and hasn't come back... so I hope the same thing happens for you!

  3. I am so sorry! Can't say I ever experienced it, but it sounds awful. No fair that you have to be sick AND had sciatica (sp?).

  4. you poor thing. i have the same thing at times-but couldn't imagine it being constant!! out of curiosity-where are you planning on delivering and who is your doc?


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