Saturday, July 11, 2009

Small-ish updates

Well, well, well - fancy seeing you here. It has been a while, hasn't it? I mean, it's really only been a couple weeks, but any time at all is too much, wouldn't you say?

Much has happened since last we met. Let's go over that real quick:

A house is not a home...

until you've bought it. We're currently working on this. It's getting a little difficult, since everyone else seems to have figured out that it's a pretty darn good time to buy - including those pesky investor people who have money and can pay cash for houses, thus defeating all us loan-getters. But hey - we did get pre-approved for the loan and everything, which is positive news. And we've got some good help on our side. And we've spent some fun, HOT days walking through lots of houses! didn't get this from me...but it is very possible that we have actually bought a house! They've accepted our offer and everything. We're just waiting to make sure everything goes through correctly. Keep your fingers crossed!

Oh say, can you see...

(*note: You have to sing this part. You have to. End note*)

Oh say, can you see,
By the bright Utah sun
All those people in Richfield,
The parade marching by?
The weather is nice
And when the parade's done
They'll all eat with their families-
Hot dogs and apple pie.
And later that night
Everyone will get a fright
When Dallin and his brother
Have a firework fight.
Oh say, can you think of a
Better place worth stopping by
Than lovely Richfield, Utah
On the 4th of July?!

That was fun.

Anyway, we went to Richfield again for the 4th. Good times, good weather, good company. I love getting to see our Harris family! I also love that the Richfield Wal-Mart sells caffeine-free Dr. Pepper. We may or may not have bought a couple cases.

Pictures of this trip are scarce. Man, I hope you people have good imaginations.

New Addition

The Harris household as you know it is plus one as of last week! Meet Dayton Harris!

Who did you think I was talking about?

This is Dallin's brother. He just graduated from high school in Washington and is now living with us before he leaves on his mission in about a year. We'll only actually be living with him for a month or so - just until we get into our new house. He'll stay at the condo and keep an eye on things here for us.

New Addition #2

This one is still to come, obviously. He and I are both getting bigger every day. I finally found my cord to connect my camera to my computer, so I can show you that belly picture we took a couple weeks ago:

but I think this one might be a little outdated already. Maybe in a few more weeks you'll get to see what I look like today.

Baby has eased off my sciatic nerve, thank goodness. My back still hurts, but it's kind of more of a general pain that I was expecting to have anyway. Just kind of stiff and tired feeling. Kind of like the rest of me.

And also, just so you don't walk away thinking we are enitrely normal people with entirely normal lives...


We dressed up like cows last night.
Because it was Cow Appreciation Day.
And Chick-Fil-A gave free food to everyone cool enough to show their appreciation for cows by dressing up like one.

We may have looked like idiots.
But we were cheap idiots.

Well, that's probably about all the excitement you can handle right now, am I right?

Until next time, go hug a cow.


  1. You're so cute as a cow! Now I want to see a pic of Dallin as a cow. So the house that you put an offer on, where abouts is it?

  2. your belly is getting so cute! YAY!


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