Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's September.


This scares me to death.

I am scared for the following three reasons:

(1) It's SEPTEMBER and my baby is due in NOVEMBER.

(2) It's my little sister's birthday today and she is no fewer than EIGHTEEN years old.

(3) ASU football starts on Saturday.

Let's take these backwards...it'll be kind of like a countdown thing. It'll be fun.

(3) ASU football starts on Saturday.

If you wonder why I am scared about this, wonder no longer, for I shall explain all.

First of all, an ASU football game can make or break a Saturday night. Last year, lots of Saturday nights were broken. Crushed, really. Shattered, if you want to be frank about it. No, it probably wasn't the worst season ASU football has ever seen...but it might have felt like it. And now, me and every other ASU fan in the world has absolutely no idea if this season is going to be any better. Sure, our lousy quarterback graduated...but now we're left with a starting quarterback with hardly any play time under his belt. Yeah, ASU football hasn't had two consecutive losing seasons since like the 40s...but that might just mean our time has come. We do still have some big guns in our possession (Williams, McGaha, even Weber)...but we have a few more that are simply unproven.

Needless to say, my realistic hopes are approaching on their tippy-toes. We should win on Saturday...it would be incredibly embarrassing if we didn't...but the rest of the season may just have a dark cloud of doom hovering over it. I guess we'll see.

2) It's my little sister's birthday today and she is no fewer than EIGHTEEN years old.

I'll tell you what...wow. See, since there are six kiddos in my family, I've always kind of mentally divided them between the elder three and the younger three. Jenna is the oldest of the younger three...and she's 18.

18 is adulthood.

She's an ADULT? Wha-wha-wha-what?

Also, freaking out about this kind of makes me feel like one of those old aunts who can't say anything about you other than how big you are and how she can't believe how much you've grown, blah blah blah. Does anyone actually have one of these aunts, by the way?

At the risk of becoming that, I'll stop now. I love you sis! Happy birthday!

Now go get back in your footie pajamas.

1) It's SEPTEMBER and my baby is due in NOVEMBER.

We're in the "BER" months, people. September and November seem a lot a lot a lot closer to each other than August and November. Tell me I'm not right.

Can we say...freak out?

Furthermore, I am approaching the 30 week mark. 30. Weeks.

Do you know how long it takes a baby to cook? 40. 40. Weeks.

30 is almost 40.

Everything after 30 is really almost 40.

You get beyond 30...and you have...numbers of weeks left with only 1 number in them. Like...9.

Yeah, my baby's due in like almost 9 weeks. Gulp.

I should learn how to be a mom. That might help.

I should also buy some things...like a crib and some diapers (AHHH! CLOTH OR DISPOSABLE?!?) and some more clothes and a breast pump (tmi? lol. sry.) and some blankets and some bath toys and some make-your-baby-brilliant movies and a stroller and a diaper bag and oh my gosh baby needs a name!

Ok but really, I'm not freaking out this much. I still have a shower coming (probably second weekend in October...let me know if you want an invite! They haven't gone out yet...), and I'm not exactly Miss Workaholic right now, so I've got plenty of time to peruse stores/the internet looking for smoking deals on the cutest slash very most necessary baby items.

But still...there's a lot to do.

P.S. about the names...I think we've got it narrowed down. Maybe I'll write a post in a few weeks about all possible options, and then let the blogosphere decide for me! Yeah...probably not. But I'd at least enjoy the validation - genuine or not - about my name choices.

Baby's kicking/rolling/punching up a storm. I've been feeling sickish and am hoping it's pregnancy related and not cold/flu related. Dallin finally felt him while he was being really active (Dallin's felt him before, but never while he was really on the move) and said "So that's what you have to deal with?" Yeah, that and then some, babe.

Finally, and just fyi, I love juice. I am about to finish my fourth carton of juice in like, a week. Mmm...it's so yummy!

Wake me up when September ends.


  1. I want an invite to the shower! :)

    I love how you know all about football and the names, etc and that you'd put it on your blog. So now for any husbands that think blogs are waste of time (thankfully mine doesn't) we can point them to this post and they'd think differently. You are mans or Dallin's dream come true! :)

  2. 3)I wanna be invited to the shower.
    2)I bought my pump on EBay, spent a week almost hyperventilating at how GROSS that decision might have turned out, but then got it, double and triple boiled everything, and it worked out GREAT. (I might also end up with a second pump here in a couple months and would gladly give you my first for free-zie. I'll let you know) and
    1)make-your-baby-brilliant dvds are highly ever-rated but make for EXCELLENT babysitters in a pinch. Don't buy them one at a time though...you can go to wowdvdboxsets.com and get all 22 baby einsteins for $50. They come from china which is frightening, but it's actually totally legit. I swear.
    0)tell that hubby of yours that I say hello!

  3. Katie- Phil and Teds stroller. It's a dream come true. The only stroller you'll ever need.

    You don't need a pump until your baby is a couple weeks old, so don't freak out.

  4. I want an invite to the shower! Oh and I make nursing covers. let me know if your are interested.

  5. katie - reusable diapers? really? if you feel the need, then by all means. i was a nanny for someone who used "g" diapers. my experience can be summed up in one word. awful. plus maybe "hell". and if you really need to know, "traumatic". sure you will save some money, but you time will be spent scrubbing those succors clean. (it isn't all caught by the poop bag. and that is truer the older your baby gets.) and you will add a lot more soap and water to your monthly bill. last thing you want to do when you are recovering is spend all your time cleaning diapers. if you do, love your babysitters and buy disposables for them.

    pumps - i started using mine the day i got home from the hospital. my milk came in and i was affectionately nicknamed betty the cow. addison couldn't keep up and so i had to pump after she ate and in between feedings or else i felt i had bowling balls sewed to my chest. that hurt. a lot more than the actually nursing too. on the south east corner of gilbert and southern there is a store where you can buy or rent pumps. they also have certified lactation consultants there. plus other baby stuff you might like.

    30 weeks is sure getting close. i am so excited for you! it is such a joy!


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