Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guilty Pleasure - Part 1

(Side note...uh...beginning note: The original title of this post was just "Guilty Pleasure." Then I realized I will probably be writing about more guilty pleasures in the future...because I have more than one. End of side note...uh...beginning note.)

I don't watch tv.

Ok, that's a total lie.

Unless you define "watching tv" as "sitting on your couch in front of your television for an indefinite amount of time as you watch whatever is on." In that case, I don't watch tv.

BUT if "watching tv" is defined as "watching (on your computer) 1/2 hour or hour long shows that originally aired on tv" then yeah, I watch tv.

Hulu is where it's at, people.

So yeah, I have my "shows" that I watch. Not religiously (like, the day after they air) anymore, now that LOST and 24 are over (tear). But I'll get on Hulu while I'm folding laundry, eating lunch, or bored/tired during naptime.

Confession time: One of the shows that I watch pretty regularly is "The Bachelorette."

It's true. I wish it wasn't, but it is. And it's totally embarrassing. I mean, this show is ridiculous. Have you seen it? Then you know it's ridiculous. Have you never seen it? Then you probably assume it's ridiculous, which is why you've never watched it. Good for you.

But really, giving a girl 25 random strangers and assuming that one of them is her soul mate? No wonder the show has only had two marriages in their 20 or so seasons. Plus, you know ABC creates the drama. They pretty much admit to creating the drama - choosing contestants that will be controversial, editing out whatever they want, etc. I'm sure it's much worse than we even realize...probably on the verge of taking the "reality" out of "reality tv." (But then again, what reality tv show isn't?)

Anyway, I still watch it. It's kind of fun to witness all the drama, staged or not. And it's incredibly fun to laugh at all the ridiculous one-liners constantly thrown out there.

This season just ended. Did anyone else watch it? Was it not completely obvious who she was going to pick? I thought it was.

So...that's all. Just thought I'd publicly admit to watching a completely ridiculous time-waster of a show.

Do you have any guilty pleasure tv shows?


  1. I have been known to watch The Bachelor, but I ignored this season because I didn't care for Ali and because I found the entire season's spoilers on RealitySteve.com

    One of my other guilty pleasures is Desperate Housewives, sporadically, and America's Next Top Model when it goes online. I also watched some of Gossip Girl at the end of senior year because I was just that bored and lonely.

    But, shows I LOVE (especially on Hulu) are Lie to Me, Royal Pains, How I Met Your Mother (Lifetime) and most cooking shows like Top Chef. I watch segmented Iron Chef America shows on YouTube too.

  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Can't get enough. Now I'm on Angel the spin off from Buffy.

    It's okay... you can make fun of me. I do.

  3. Yep. I admit it. I began watching the bachelor with Jake and watched parts of Ali's season because I liked her. I liked the show more than I would like to admit. That has been my hulu guilty pleasure as of late. Maybe this fall I'll find something else.

    Our absolute fav is Amazing Race. We do watch that one pretty religiously. But I don't consider that a guilty pleasure. ;)


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