Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I didn't know you cared!

Remember how it was my birthday last Sunday?

Well, it was.

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes! I felt very loved.

In fact, I felt the love from some places that I really didn't expect. Observe:

A local radio station. Honestly, I'm not sure how they knew it was my birthday...

The dental office that I went to to get my wisdom teeth out two years ago. I haven't been back since. Also, I don't think I got anything from them last year...

And, my personal favorite, DefensiveDriving.com. I had to take an online Defensive Driving course a few years ago after some Texas cops decided to be jerks. It wasn't anything to do with my driving. Anyway, didn't hear from them last year either. Make sure you read the message. It's very thoughtful.

Isn't that sweet of them to care about my safety? I wonder why they want me to be safe as a 23 year old, but didn't really care what happened to me as a 22 year old...

Anyway, it was a great birthday weekend! Dallin took me to dinner (Liberty Market. Have you been? GO.) then to ride the gondolas at the Hyatt. Then the next day, I made THE amazing cookie bars (yummmm), and had a nice relaxing day, and then that night we had dinner at Red Robin with my family, and then did a little shopping. Then on my actual birthday I was surprised with more presents and had a yummy family dinner of my choosing. It was, in a word, spectacular.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes on here and on Facebook. I am so lucky to have so many people that care! Including Texas defensive driving course companies!

Also, a few of you asked for the amazing cookie bar recipe. There was a link to it in the last post, but here it is again: click here for the amazing cookie bar recipe that will change your life.

Have a good one, y'all.

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