Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Currenly, I am...

  • sick
  • unshowered
  • yuck
  • on prescribed medication for the first time in a loooong time
  • not pregnant (I had to make sure before taking said prescribed medication)
  • feeling my head expand as the mucus threatens to take over
  • coughing
  • not coughing anymore
  • wanting to forget that I have a face
  • just remembering that I need to sleep with the humidifier on tonight
  • yuck again

Sleepy time. cross your fingers that (a) my sinus infection goes away and (b) that it does not go away into my baby. Dallin already had it, so your time to cross your fingers for his health has passed. But go ahead, if you really want to. It won't hurt anyone.


  1. currently, i am...feeling bad for you that you are so sick. thats lame. :( and i also hope your little one doesn't get sick either, that would just be horrible. i'm sending quick recovery vibes your way. hopefully they work.

  2. It's the worst being a mom and sick at the same time. You still have to everything but do it feeling like junk.
    Fingers crossed for your baby.

  3. you still look cute while sick though! I hope the Harris family phlem passes quickly without taking any more victims.

  4. Crossing my fingers for all of you
    . So sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope it passes quickly!


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