Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deep questions

The following questions have initiated actual discussions in the Harris household lately:

How did Mother Gothel learn the song to sing to the magic flower?

Would Rapunzel have lived forever if Eugene hadn't cut her hair?

And will her hair ever grow again?

AND are the rest of her tears magic, or was that just a one time thing?

Do mermaids have gills..or lungs? Or...BOTH?!

Don't all the people that were on the wedding boat now know about the existence of mer-people?

Can you guess what movies Maddy has been loving lately? (That isn't one of the questions that we've talked about...it's a question I'm asking you.)

She's also been into "Lady and the Tramp," but apparently that one is normal enough that the only question we've had about that one is what year it happens in. We decided early 1900s, which Wikipedia confirms. 1909.

Maybe we need to watch the news more.

Also, feel free to weigh in on any of the above questions. Any and all opinions are welcome.


  1. Have you ever noticed that her hair is never all in one shot. It always trails off somewhere.

    Also, the twin with the eye patch never speaks..

    (as well as her parents never speak either, but that one makes sense)

    Now all these observations are probably wrong, but Rustyn likes Tangled because of Maximus so we have watched it a few times!

  2. And if Flynn had just cut off her hair in the middle of her back or something it would have still lost it's power, right? He should have done that and left her with more style options. :)

  3. We also like to ponder this one: did the beast age while under his spell? Because the rose would only bloom until he hit 21, but the song claims that for "10 year" they've been rusting. So was he then the worst 11 year old on the planet?

    Who knew that Disney would cause us to wax philisophical in order to stay sane.

  4. hahahaha. story of our lives. we have so many discussions about disney movies it's rediculous! i'm glad someone else's house does the same thing we do. :)

  5. We watched Aladdin twice today and I noticed when Aladdin first sees Jasmine, it's morning and they're eating breakfast. He saves her, and by the time they get to his "house", the sun is setting.... How far away does he live?! Can't be THAT far, he's still got a great view of the palace!

    As for your questions, I have no idea how Mother Mother Gothel learned that song. Why would she even know what the flower did?

    I'd say all of Rapunzel's tears can heal. It's just HER. I bet she could have spit in the wound and it would have worked.

    I think mermaids have both gills and lungs. Only the lungs are dormant while she's in fish form. What I want to know is how Sebastian swims so fast... Or why Ariel never writes anything down for Eric...

    Or in Sleeping Beauty, the three fairies didn't really think through their "put everyone to sleep" plan. What if they'd put Prince to sleep?!

  6. I don't have answers for any of those questions, but I have wondered ALL of those things about Tangled! Oh the confusion they have wrought with their ambiguity.

    p.s. My word verification is "cullyomp," which I feel certain must somehow be a clue to our questions.

  7. I have always wondered about Mother Gothel and that darn song. It makes me itch just thinkin' about it.


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