Thursday, August 2, 2012

35 Things: July



Just kidding. I mean, I'm not kidding about the fact that I didn't write four blog posts in July, obviously; a quick glance at my sidebar will tell you that (as if you didn't know, you blog stalker, you). But I am kidding about the giving up part. Yes, I dropped the blogging ball during July. But by golly, I will persevere. Heck, maybe I'll get crazy and write FIVE blog posts in August just to make up for it!

Not buying it? You know me too well.

Anyway, I did do my other monthly goal of cleaning off my "clutter" desk twice a month, so hey, that counts for something, right?

I also did:

27. Potty train Madelyn. You guys. I think it's really done. Can I just say that I'm pretty proud? I'm pretty proud. Potty training is not.easy. But it's been a few WEEKS since her last accident, so I'm going to mark her as trained.

30. Read 32 books. Hm...apparently all I did this month was potty train and read. But I'm back on track, if you can believe it! All thanks to that lovable Percy Jackson and his fast and easy books. Thanks, Percy. This month, I read FIVE books:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, numbers 2-4, by Rick Riordan. Yes, I read THREE of these books this month. They were all so much fun to read. I've got the final installment on hold at the library and you can bet I'm going to read it ASAP in August. Hey, if I'm going to read juvenile fiction, I might as well be proud of it, yeah? These books get a solid 4 stars. Maybe 4.5.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, by Dale Carnegie. A book after my own heart. This book taught me some great things about how to tackle worry, which is something I struggle with. Hugely. The book presented some pretty good strategies, and told a lot of really interesting stories. It is one I think I could refer back to as needed. I will say that the writing got pretty repetitive after a while. 4 stars.

Heaven is Here, by Stephanie Nielson. I actually don't read Nie Nie's blog regularly, which I know might make some of you gasp or something. But anyway, I loved her book and was inspired by her story. It really just made me want to be a better, happier, more hopeful, more loving, more full-of-life person. And hey, how could you not enjoy a read like that? 5 stars.

As for August, I'm planning on doing my completely punctual month, learning all the rules of NCAA football (so I can be ready for game 1 on the 31st!), finishing the playroom, and at least getting started on freezer meals. Oh, and turning 25 or something. No big.

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