Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Female Brain

My husband is currently reading this book:


It's been interestingly beneficial in a lot of ways. I actually plan on reading it when he's done. Even though a lot of the stuff he tells me makes me say/think, "Well DUH."

Also, it results in him saying a lot of strange things to me.

The most recent gems?

"Oh, you should be at the height of your testosterone surge, then."

"It could be worse - at least you're not going through menopause."

"Lack of estrogen sucks."

And I'm like,


To answer him in kind, I'm actually reading this book:



But seriously, I'm reading it.

Dallin and I have always said we want to be proactive about our marriage. We want to really work to understand each other so that we can work together through our problems when they inevitably arise. I guess our current reading choices are just manifestations of that!

Although, I really think my testosterone levels are my own business and no one else's, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Ha ha. I started that book and stopped. I'm just not much of a reader. But now I'm curious about your testosterone levels.

  2. Katie! The book you're reading is one of my favorites! I recommend it all the time!


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