Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight: Movie Style

I definitely went to see the midnight showing of Twilight Thursday night. I mean, of course I did. I'm not one to back out of a good midnight showing. Heck, I even went to the midnight showing of Quantum of Solace, just so I wouldn't miss the party. Of course, Dallin went to that one too, whereas he wouldn't have been caught dead, alive, sleeping or anything else within miles of a theater having a midnight showing of Twilight. No matter - I saw it with my mom, aunt, and sister Sarah. Of course, we didn't get to sit together, unless we wanted to sit on the front row (which we tried...but it was in one of those huge-o theaters with the huge-o screen, so sitting that close made everything literally blurry). So we ended up scattered around the theater, sitting next to strangers. lol.

So...the movie. I was really looking forward to it. Like, really. As I've said before, I'm not the biggest fan of Stephanie Meyer's writing. The books are repetetively repetetive. But, the stories carry the books through, so I was excited to be able to experience the sweet story without the annoying writing. I was, however, a bit disappointed. Some thoughts:

1) Edward=ew.

Look at this guy:

No, not the best looking guy in the world. But not bad, either, right? Right. This is what the fimmakers had to work with. Plenty of room to work, in my opinion. However, they took this potential and turned it into this:

Seriously, this is the closest picture I can find to what he actually looks like in the movie. Some other promotional pictures keep him looking pretty good, but this is what he really looks like in the movie. Oh and since you can't see his hair in that picture...

THAT is his hair! And the wind is not blowing, folks - it just sticks straight up like that. Constantly.

Now, I know this guy is a vampire. I know he's not supposed to look normal. But he is supposed to be cute. And I don't care what all those 11 year old girls say... this guy is not cute. He's just not!! His face is too white. It's beyond pale and nearing clown territory. And he's got about 12 coats of this hideous purplish red shade of lipstick on that you can't really see in these pictures but is blatantly obvious in the movie. And his hair, by the end of the film, just overwhelmed me. It's not cute. It's ridiculous.

2) Acting= comical

Expressions! The whole cast had issues with this. They were either too goofy (Mike), too vicious (James), too bored (Bella) or too...clueless (Edward and Jasper). Seriously, they looked like mindless, frightened idiots most of the time.

3) Effects= cheesy

The special effects are cheesy (slow-mo, flying/running, etc). And I've already complained about the makeup.

4) Story= huh?

As far as interpretation of the story goes...I was all right with it. I don't think anyone that hadn't read the books could have followed it at all. Edward and Bella's love is crazy- they basically love each other because...they love each other. Bella's love for him is more like an obsession, which does not come off in the movie at all. And Edward's "drug-like" love for her just comes off creepy and stalker-like. And let's face it, the whole idea of being in love with a vampire is hard enough to wrap your head around. Those of us who have read all the books might get it...but I don't think anyone else would.

5) Tree climbing+flashbacks=yay!

The music is actually really good. I'd buy the soundtrack. The scenery is good too. Basically, the ambience set up the movie to be good...and lots of other things wrecked it. There were some good scenes that I thought were really cute (tree climbing, Edward's flashes of Bella when he has to save her) but generally, I thought it was weird and disappointing. Bummer.

Speaking of bummers, my wisdom teeth and I have parted ways. I think I'm handling the separation pretty well. I'm not puffed up like a chipmunk, but ice definitely feels good. The medication helps, but it was really annoying to sleep basically sitting up. I've watched a few movies, eaten a good deal of applesauce, and blogged (of course)! And I keep tasting blood...blegh. Wonder how Edward does it...


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