Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Want...

This cozy comfy-ness to rock my baby in:
Of course, I'm not picky. I'd take it in red, too.

Oh, and be a love a make sure to throw the matching ottoman in? Cheers.

These cookies:

Now, who wants to make them for me? Don't all jump at once. Ok, you can all make them for me, if you insist! Gosh.

This diaper bag:

Please note: There is no way on earth that I would ever possibly need this diaper bag to the point that I would actually pay for it. Therefore, I shall never own it. And there will be weeping.

A pumpkin spice blended creme from Starbucks:

Ooh-da-lolly, those things are good. If you've never had one, go get one now. But come pick me up first. Because really, it was my idea.

These maternity jeans:

The best part about these is that they are not terribly expensive, so I can probably actually buy them! When I say "Hip hip" you say "Hooray!"

This list really could grow quite a bit more. But before you color me selfish, consider that 3 of these 5 things are within financial grasp. I'm really being quite self-depriving, you know, to deny myself these things.

We'll just see how long the denial lasts.


  1. I shall take you to starbucks so we can get that drink. Are you free before your shower on Saturday?

  2. Where is the recipe for those cookies? They look soooo yummy, and I would LOVE to make them for you!

  3. Annie - The words "These cookies" right above the picture are the link to the site with the recipe. Don't they look divine? Don't make them for me...make them for yourself! And don't share. :)


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