Monday, October 26, 2009

Roadtrip at 37 weeks. Check.

Don't hate me because I'm crazy.

I mean, I'd rather you didn't hate me at all, but especially not because I'm crazy.

But I did just spend right around 30 hours in a car this weekend.

With one (1) pillow and four (4) men.

Applause is not necessary, but appreciated.

So yes, Friday morning, Dallin and I, along with my dad, my brother, and Dallin's brother, left for our drive to San Francisco, to see our beloved Sun Devils in action against the Stanford Cardinal.

The drive was actually pretty pleasant, and not any longer than the drive to Salt Lake, which I've made several times. Took us under 12 hours to get there, including stops to eat and everything.

Saturday, we explored the lovely city of San Francisco a little bit. It really is a nice place! Lots to see.

Lombard Street (incredibly crooked and incredibly steep. Scared the crap out of me.):

Steep hills (including a very steep one that the boys decided to race up. They all regretted it after. I died halfway up, and I was walking):

Ghirardelli Square (no, we didn't buy/eat any chocolate while here. Probably a sin of some sort. But the chocolate/ice cream shops smelled divine, and the square itself was beautiful):

Of course, we had to check out the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, this proved more difficult than you might think...

Golden Gate: attempt 1

Golden Gate: attempt 2

Golden Gate: attempt 3

Yeah, these were all taken at different times, probably over the course of 5-6 hours! The weather was perfectly clear and sunny everywhere but right around the bridge. We finally decided to drive over it, just to prove to ourselves that it actually exists. It does, by the way.

The best pics we got of it were while we were driving over it. The fog cleared considerably in the middle:

Crazy California fog...grumble.

We checked out various other highlights, including Union Square, AT&T park, and sorta-kinda Fisherman's Wharf. We also drove to neighboring cities to check out Apple and Google headquarters, as well as a history of computers museum, which was fascinating, but apparently not fascinating enough for me to take pictures...I actually think I doubted that they would let me take my camera in, so I left it in the car. But other people had cameras...but by the time I realized that, the car was so far away...

I get lazy sometimes.

Anyway, considering the fact that we only had one day to see the whole city, and that we made a couple food stops and what-not (including one at Costco...sometimes you just need a taste of home. Plus it was Saturday which equals sample day which equals bliss), I think we got a pretty good tour of the city!

And then it all went south for the winter.

I thought we were going to win this game. I really did.

We did not win this game. We did not come close to winning this game. It simply did not happen. I don't think it even thought about happening. How lazy of it.

And not only did we lose, but we had to listen to Stanford's JOKE of a marching band make fun of our school! I am not going to go into this now, since there is still more to write about the trip. I think it deserves its own post anyway. Just know that I am upset. Up. Set.

Anyway, sometimes its heartbreaking, being a Sun Devil fan. But we plow on!

(Please disregard any and all fatness, tiredness, and/or makeuplessness in this picture. At least Dallin looks good.)

My incredible slackerness as a photographer shone through the next day, when we made our way home. I didn't take a single picture. And the sad part is...we took the long way because it's prettier!

Yes, we drove home along the Pacific Coast Highway. We made our way through the Redwoods to get to the coast (holy big trees!), and then drove down it. Really gorgeous stuff!

And I didn't get a single picture.

Oh p.s....if you're going to take the PCH, make sure you have an extra six hours or so. Seriously. We left around 7:00 am, only made a couple stops (including an elephant seal infested beach, the Hearst Castle, In-n-Out, and a gas station at which we got locked out of the car and had to call AAA) and didn't get home until almost 2 in the morning!

And yet, I am here to tell the tale. Complete with baby in belly. Come bumpy, curvy roads, changes in elevation, and walking until my flip flops cried, baby stayed put. Thank goodness.

It really was a great trip. I'm glad we got to squeeze a little somethin-somethin in before we two becomes we three.

Oh yeah- did I mention that Dallin fell in love with the area and basically wants to move there? I blame it on Google.


  1. oh man that is a gorgeous trip! I just love the feel of the area. I don't know if I could live there though.

  2. At least we out-scored them in the second half, right?

    That game sucked.

  3. NIce post. I love SF, I grew up near there and never grew tired of being a tourist, but I never had any desire to raise my brood there either. If you move there, at least you'll get lots of visitors.

  4. You can come visit me when I move there :)


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