Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's in a Name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

But my baby ain't no rose.

And he needs a name.

And he probably wouldn't smell as sweet if he was named something like...Wulfric.

Which, along with being one of Albus Dumbledore's middle names, was actually a name in one of our baby name books.

And I just admitted to you that I know Albus Dumbledore's middle names, and that I currently have, in my house, more than one baby name book.

I should really be more careful about what I write.

So... I've looked at names. I mean,
I've looked at names.

**Side note: Dallin recently caught me sorting through the tab on my bookmarks toolbar labeled "baby stuff." With all the crazy "research" I've done on everything from cribs to cloth diapers to diaper bags to baby slings to names, this tab contains an unhealthy number of links. Dallin laughed. And I got mad. And I wouldn't even let him kiss it better. That's how you know I'm mad. Side note over**

But seriously, I've looked. Like, look at this website: http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager

Why in the name of truth and goodness would you need or want this much information on baby names? Am I really going to christen my child based on which name was most popular in Minnesota in the 1950s?

If you did that...um...well, I was going to apologize for making fun of you...but that's just too weird. Intended apology rescinded.

Anyway, no amount of online searching has really changed my mind either way about the names I've been considering, or really presented me with any new names that I've fallen in love with. And the books, lent to me by loving, caring people, have really not helped much either.

And yes, I am female, and I am Mormon, so I have been thinking about baby names since like, before I could date.

But this is the real deal. It's different when it's the real deal.

But in the past couple of days, Dallin and I have buckled down and hammered out a short list.

My criteria for names that made the short list:

1) All boy - I don't want some girl having my son's name.
2) Not super common, but something that he won't have to repeat more than once when telling someone his name. (Dallin has to do that...he don't like it)
3) Ideally, can be used with Dallin as the middle name. I think this is very difficult, because I love the name Dallin. I think it's a very strong first name, so it's hard for me to give it the secondary slot. And it's hard to come up with names that are strong enough to precede it.
4) Not super trendy or cutesy. I think those names just end up being weird.

Dallin's criteria for names that made the short list:

1) Not Wulfric.

I think he really just wants to name the kid so I'll stop stressing over it.

Well, without further ado...here are the top 10 competitors in the race to win the title by which our firstborn will be known for his whole life. Gulp.

In alphabetical order:











Some stick out to us more than others. Some have been on the list from the beginning. Some are more common, some are a little more unique. Some are more like "filler" names, like we like them, but would probably just use them if we decided we didn't really like anything else. You know?

Anyway, that's the list. We'll see how long it takes us to narrow it down completely. I really want to have a name picked before the baby is born. I am not a student of the "When you see him, you'll know" school. I think brand spanking new babies look pretty much the same for the most part.

If you feel the urge to comment on a particular name or whatever, feel free. I can't promise we'll listen to you...but you know, if it'll make you feel better.

But we're not voting or drawing out of hats...yet.


  1. Wahoo Logan made the list! Ps, when you have him your mind will totally change about all babies looking the same. trust me. Good luck picking! They are all so cute!

  2. My sister just a had a baby and didn't have a name ready. It was like a day later that they finally decided on a name. So here's my advice to you, it's your baby and if you feel a name strongly than the others you should pick it even if no one agrees with you. :)

  3. I will only say this. I know 8, yes 8, girls who just named or are naming their son Jaxon. It's crazy common right now.

    We looked at the Social Security website for names. If you look at the top 1000 names, it eliminates all the weird and too ethnic names that you find in baby books.

  4. Um... now I feel bad for saying that. You should name your baby whatever you want. Who cares if it's popular. My name was the number 1 name when I was born, and I was rarely in a classroom with other Lisa's. So no biggy. There's lots of room for Jaxons and it is a really cute name. Heck, it was on my list.

  5. I like the sound of Logan Harris. Me and Jack can't ever agree on baby names. I don't know what we are going to do when we get to that point.

  6. Come on folks, you have an opportunity here to change history!

  7. Steven and I were definitely on the same page as you for name criteria. :) and we use BumGenius! cloth diapers. They're so easy to use but they're kind of a big initial investment... I'm excited for you guys- I'm sure he will be as beautiful as his mommy.

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  9. Hey Bekah, if you happen to look at this again...you've probably noticed I deleted your comment. I read it and laughed, but I had to delete it. :)

    Oh and also, you'll be happy to know that your favorite is also one of our favorites! :)


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