Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Blessing

Madelyn IS a blessing.

Madelyn also RECEIVED a blessing.

A very special blessing from two very loving fathers - one on Earth and one in Heaven.

Madelyn's blessing day was February 7th.

Dallin gave the single most beautiful blessing I have ever heard. I wish I was just saying that, because then I would feel like I wasn't bragging. But I'm not just saying that, so I am kind of bragging, which is terrible, but whatever.

Some of the notable things I remember from the blessing: that Madelyn will have a sense of humor, that she will have patience with her imperfect parents (YES.) and that she will be her mother's best friend, because her mother loves her very much (ALSO YES.).

I know that God has blessed us by allowing us to have access to His power through the holy priesthood. It's hard for me to even say how grateful I am that Dallin is a worthy priesthood holder who is able to lead and preside over our home with the very power of God. That power is real. I believe that with all my might, and this sweet blessing reaffirmed it with every word.

We were so so glad that so many of our friends and family came to share this special occasion with us. Happiness IS the love and support of those you love and support!

Here are some pictures my mom snapped of the big day:

Madelyn and Great Grandma (who might not have been ready
for the picture...but looks great anyway!):

Good shot of her dress (which is the dress my mom was blessed in...let's hope Madelyn catches whatever my mom caught so she can be just like her G!):

The whole gang:

Daddy, Mommy, and Baby:

Same day, different outfit, too cute to not post:

Blessed baby. Blessed parents. Life is good.


  1. What a great day for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that Madelyn wore the same dress your mom did. That is extra special.

    (Also, the word verification for this comments is "elder". I AM NOT KIDDING. I think it's a sign from God!)

  3. I thought the blessing was the most beautiful I remember hearing as well. I also remembered the sense of humor part and think that is a wonderful attribute to be blessed with. Such a great day! I saw two girls there that looked like your twin, so maybe they were sisters?

  4. It WAS a beautiful blessing and a wonderful day. Maddy is fortunate to have two parents who love her so much. Thanks for sharing the pictures, too.

  5. I'm so glad the day was special for you guys. I can't get over her cutest little smiles in those pictures. Love it!

  6. She's adorable!

    I snuck over to your blog after you commented on Laura's. Hope that's ok.:)


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